Once summer rolls around, I know that a pretty large chunk of my paycheck is going to go towards the latest summer fashion trends. I like to stick to a few trends, and find a few items that really represent the trend and my personality.

While everyone probably disagrees what’s in and out this summer, I’m going to go ahead and go with what Fit&FabLiving says is the IT color this season…turquoise. I’ve seen it all over the runways, and on girls walking down the street in downtown Chicago.

After reading Kathryn’s inaugural post about finding your “workout you,” I also wanted in on this  journey of fitness self-discovery.  Not only is it a great way to figure out the best, or at least the most manageable way, to keep in shape, but it’s also a great way to get to know us — the editors — better! So here’s the 3-step method (again) to determining your workout you!

When it comes to hairstyles, I’m pretty much a plain Jane.  I either wear my hair up in a ponytail or down.  The end.  No curling, no straightening (my hair is naturally straight), no products.  Just wash and blow dry.  However, I keep seeing some cute and fun summer hairstyles that I’m dying to try! Fit and Fab Living has a list of 5 great ones!

When I was looking around FitandFabLiving, I found an article that caught my interest.  It was about discovering your “workout you” to find out what exercises are best for your routine and personality.  I enjoy any kind of self-exploration, so this sounded like an interesting concept.

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