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Did you know that 9.6% of the U.S. workforce is currently unemployed, according to data taken in June 2010? That’s a lot of people looking for a very few jobs.  That also means more people suffering from anxiety, stress and depression!  We’d all like to think that our job is not our life – that we can separate them enough to have 2 distinct spheres.  Feeling like we have a work life and a personal life helps us separate the stress from either side of our life.  No matter how bad your day at work was, when you step out that door, you’re officially free from worry, or so you should be.

I have never been much of a vintage shopper; I like the idea of it, but I’m not very good at digging through vintage stores and finding styles I can pull off.  Recently, however, my friend’s grandmother passed away and I was asked to help her family run an estate sale at her home.  My payment?  Free vintage jewelry.


The other day I was reading an article about new diets that are taking over America.  I was scrolling through the first few and then landed on a page that said F.A.S.T. Diet.  I was intrigued enough to click on it.  Was this going to be a scam diet that claimed to help you lose 20 pounds in one week?  I was also curious about what the acronym stood for? 

run for a cause

One of the best perks about being a runner is being able to indulge in tasty food after a good run.  There’s definitely less guilt about having a giant bowl of pasta followed by a chocolate brownie sundae when you’ve burned 500 or more calories already.  Part of the perk of running a lot is being able to indulge every once and a while.  As much as a motivating factor as food is, it can be even more rewarding to run for a good cause.

I don’t watch too much television. I’d much rather surf the Internet, but there are certain shows (guilty pleasures actually) that I anticipate on pins and needles. Jersey Shore is one of them. It’s premiering tomorrow, and I know a bunch of my friends will be coming over to watch it, completely decked out in Jersey Shore attire. Yep, the poof too! Now I know the girls on the Shore aren’t always dressed conservatively. OK, that’s an understatement, but I think there are ways to incorporate Jersey style without looking…well you know. On Fit&FabLiving, there is an article about Jersey Couture and I’m looking at that for inspiration!

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We feel safe eating in the United States because we have some amount of trust in the FDA to regulate food and make sure it’s safe. Sure, there are problems every now and again, but for the most part, we don’t feel afraid to buy fresh produce or a slab of beef at the supermarket.  I’ve always labored under the delusion that the government closely regulates all the things we purchase, even typical health and beauty products like makeup, sunscreen and mouthwash. But this apparently is not so.

Last Monday, I updated you on my first week of official long run marathon training! Since I’ve been rather lazy, I had to jump into a 13.1 mile run to really get my training started.  It wasn’t easy, but it had to be done because I have a marathon coming my way in less than two months!  Yesterday’s long run got me thinking about preparing for intense training and how easy it is to get injured if you’re not prepared for intense cardiovascular activity!

For the most part, fashion trends are focused on big, bright, bold articles of clothing that make a definitive statement.  This summer turquoise has been the “it” color. Whether for dresses, shoes or accessories, you can’t go wrong with anything turquoise!  I’ve recently found out there’s new “it” colors that aren’t, well, so flashy!

A few weeks ago, Sophia blogged about what she was going to wear to her cousin’s wedding.  Now I’m in the same boat.  I have a wedding to go to on Saturday and have been quickly trying to throw an outfit together over the last week or so.  I’m also a bit strapped for cash.  Read how I threw an entire outfit together (dress, shoes, and accessories) for less than $70!

Betty White

For whatever reason, the popularity of Betty White has skyrocketed in recent years, when the people demanded she host Saturday Night Live via Facebook to various popular movies and TV shows that she’s been appearing/starring in.  Well, now this comedian/actress is venturing into new territory – FASHION! If you’re dying to get your hands on a Betty White shirt, and I know you are, then you only have a few weeks to wait.  Starting in August, Betty White’s new fashion line will launch! Keep reading to see  pictures of her clothing!

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