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As much as I love my weekends, I definitely appreciate the routine and structure of  the weekdays.  With weekdays, I have a routine that lasts 5 days, compared with my weekends in which anything goes.  I try to stay healthy by working out and making good food choices, and on the weekdays this isn’t too hard for me.  I wake up early to get in my workout and then I eat a healthy breakfast and dinner.  And even though it’s tempting to flee the workplace for fast food during lunch, my rule is…

emmys 2010 red carpet fashion

Like many people, I found myself watching the Emmy’s last night.  It all started around 6:30 pm when I was flipping stations and saw pre-show interviews and fashion talk.  Once I saw those gowns, I was hooked. I had to see what all of television’s biggest stars were wearing. I have to admit that I am usually bored with the actual show, but this year was different. The analysis: the awards show was actually pretty entertaining, with Jimmy Fallon hosting, but playing fashion police was even more fun!

smart phones

By getting in a virtual workout, I don’t mean a workout in which you  are laying in a hammock sipping margaritas but imagining yourself dripping with sweat from a grueling workout. Unfortunately, virtual sweat is not what I am talking about, although that could be interesting.  But it is true that you can  get in your workouts without the cost of expensive gyms and pricey fitness classes.  Now all you need is your computer, smart phone, ipod touch or ipad, or even just a Netflix account. There’s really no excuse anymore not to develop a fitness routine that works for you!

While we try to be upbeat in light in the world of fitness, fashion, health and beauty, sometimes the news isn’t as cheerful. Most stories about depression are just that…depressing. This isn’t an exception.

A new study, reported by the Washington Post, revealed that more than half of babies in poverty are being raised by mothers who show symptoms of mild to severe depression. This can potentially create problems in parenting and in child development. More after the jump.

water poured into a glass

How often have you purchased expensive pills, gone on crazy diets or tried cutting out all your favorite foods in attempt to drop a few pounds?  As we all know, these weight loss strategies almost always fail. Even if you manage to lose some weight, it usually comes right back because it’s impossible to live off of grapefruit forever, and it’s unrealistic to not indulge in pizza or ice cream every once and a while.  Researchers at Virginia Tech, however, have found that simply drinking water can help people lose weight.


Who really has hours to dedicate to going to the gym, getting in a good cardio workout, followed by strength training and stretching? Maybe every now and again it’s possible, but it’s definitely not easy to accomplish most days of the week.  If you’re one of the many people who give up on working out because you don’t have the time — don’t! There’s still hope for people with busy lives to stay in shape.

Keep reading for the best 1-minute exercises to ward off your unwanted fat!

After years of success in the music world, Madonna recently launched her second clothing line, Material Girl.  Her last clothing line, M, launched in 2006 and was distributed by H&M.  Her new line is now found at Macy’s, but the Material Girl name is starting to give Madonna some legal troubles.


The Internet is populated with more websites than I could ever imagine. I always love it when I stumble on a new, great website — it feels like I’ve found buried treasure. This is how I felt when I discovered Etsy a few months back.  A friend suggested it as a great place to look for original gifts, and she was right!  If you haven’t had the chance to visit Etsy.com, you should definitely check it out. There is something for everyone!

dairy queen blizzard treats

Finally, a sweet treat that can be enjoyed without the guilt that follows soon after the ice cream has been demolished.  This August, Dairy Queen released a more compact version of their famous Blizzard treat– the Mini Blizzard!  Who doesn’t love DQ blizzards?  Soft serve, candy, brownies, pie pieces — what’s not to love about that?  Well there may be a little less to love now, but it seems that people all over the country are glad to see a more manageable dessert portion size.

I have always wanted bold, beautiful, and, well…eye-catching eyes! Unfortunately, I have been stuck in a makeup rut- I have been doing my makeup the exact same way for over 3 years now!  Boring!  So I decided to read Fit & Fab Living’s article on eye makeup tips- read some of my favorites after the jump!

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