The second episode of The Biggest Loser was just what I was waiting for — the contestants arrived at the Ranch! And in a typical game play twist, Bob and Jillian were able to each choose one person who didn’t make the cut from the season premiere and bring them to the Ranch.  Bob brought back Aaron, and Jillian brought back Elizabeth, who surprised the rest of the contestants as they waltzed onto the show sporting yellow t-shirts. Keep reading to discover this season’s big shockers!

While the contestants are paired according to shirt colors, they were soon told that the colors are meaningless–they are playing solo this season.

When they are told by Ali Sweeney that there are 2 people who want to meet them at the gym, the contestants ran straight to the gym to meet Bob and Jillian.  There were no warm welcomes–they were told to get straight on the treadmill and get to work.  They were in for a 4 hour workout on day 1!  Talk about intimidating! Jillian easily fell back into her usual demanding, yelling, crazy self, pushing the contestants to places they never knew they could go.

The contestants also met with Doctor Huizenga to find out their “inner age.”  Each season, the doctor takes family history, lifestyle habits and intensive body scans and other tests to determine the age the contestant’s inner body is, based upon their organ function. In every case, the contestant’s body is shown to be significantly older than their actual age, which gives them even further motivation to make positive changes to their life.

Back at the gym,Brendan made the worst mistake asking Bob, “Are we almost done?” Bob lit up like a Christmas tree and focused all his energy on him, pushing him harder than ever. Moments like this, though, are common occurrences on the show. If there’s one thing contestants learn quickly, it’s that you don’t complain; you suck it up and work even harder.

The contestants were also met with another shocking twist–with no notice, they had 2 hours to prepare for their first weigh-in.  Even more shocking, the yellow line moved!  Now instead of 2 people falling below the yellow line, HALF of the contestants (8) will fall below the yellow line.

The first weigh-in is always the best because the contestants tend to lose insane amounts of weight from the drastic lifestyle change. Mark, the first one to weigh-in, started off in the right direction by losing 41 pounds, bringing his weight down to 380 pounds! He lost more than any other contestant, although he did not have the highest percentage of weight loss.

Yet again, more surprises!  After the weigh-in, the 8 contestants below the yellow line learned that they have 2 options of getting back above that line.  The first way is out of their control–the player with highest percentage of weight loss, Rick, gets to save one person.  Rick chose to save Patrick, the only man below the line. The last way is through good ol’ competition.  The 7 players competed in a simple racing challenge to determine who would be on the chopping block.

The two players up for elimination were Ali, the youngest player, against Tina, the oldest player. Shockingly, Ali was sent home.

One of my favorite parts of the entire show is seeing what the voted off contestant looks like today. At the time of the taping, Ali went on to lose 60 more pounds on her own.  It’s always impressive to see the first person continue on their journey, despite only living at the Ranch for a week. It just goes to show that truly anyone can makes these changes.

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