Now that the weather is definitely getting colder  and the days are getting shorter, people are feeling more lethargic, sleepy, depressed–you get the picture.  It’s the perfect time to write about how to be a  happy person!

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Eating healthy can be hard.  Not only can it be difficult to fit the more nutritious options into your daily meals, but sometimes we don’t even know what foods to eat.  Of  course fruits and vegetables top off this list, but which ones are the best?  There are so many to choose from.  If I am going to make a point of adding more vegetables to my meals, then I want them to really count! I want to eat the ones that will give me the best nutritional bang for my buck.

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I love using my Wii! I’ll admit that I don’t have a ton of games, but I do have the pretty standard Wii Sports. While I don’t think it’s going to help me lose any weight or get me super fit, it’s still a fun way to get moving. I’m hoping that Jillian Michaels’ new game, Jillian Michaels: Fitness Ultimatum 2011, will be even more enjoyable and help me break a sweat in a new way. Lucky for us, we got a sneak peak on the game, and we even have a few tips for the fitness icon Jillian Michaels! The full article can be found here, but if you’re looking for a few tips, keep reading!

This week’s fun surprise began with Ali telling the teams that the upcoming elimination will come down to one, single person’s weight.  And to make things even more political, the opposing team gets to choose which player will weigh-in.  After this news, the players became engaged in an intense game of observing, trying to determine who the weak link will be.

The great lunchroom debate has been raging for some time.  What is this debate?  It’s not only about trying to figure out how to get school-aged children to choose healthier options, but also about  getting schools to serve the healthier options in the first place.

I came across a really interesting article in the New York Times about this very topic.  What I really liked about the article was the diagram of the school lunch room.  Check it out here.

Ever since I finished months of distance training for my marathon in September, I’ve been excited to get back into speed training–my favorite type of training! Instead of conserving my energy to run 14, 16 or 18 miles at a time, I can practice sprints.  This means that I can let the competitive part of myself go crazy as I train for an influx of fall races. 

In July of this year, my fiance and I decided to plant our own vegetable garden.  Yes, this was a little on the late side to be planting produce, but it took us a while to get things together. It seemed to make sense considering I am always trying to be more conscious of eating enough vegetables, and growing my own vegetables would be the cheapest and tastiest way to get them!

We decided to plant the garden in a small section of his parents’ garden since we didn’t have a gardening space of our own.

After a bit of chatting in the house at the beginning of the episode (about Esther’s life as an Orthodox Jew and discussing how glad they were that Kacey is gone), the girls received a Tyra Mail message and were sent off to the Grammy Mueseum for a very high-stakes challenge!

I am really excited because today I get to give you all a chance to win a $35 dollar gift card to any CSN store! In case you’re not familiar with CSN, they have over 200 retail websites that sell everything from console tables and sofas to shoes, bags and even fitness equipment!  They  have a store for almost anything you could want!  Check out their list of stores here!

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The other day, Allison wrote about taking her first yoga class ever! It got me to think about my own yoga experiences. Now that I’ve started working out 5 times a week, I’m trying to change up my workout so I don’t get bored. Part of that approach has to do with my favorite yoga DVD: Denise Austin – Yoga Buns. Basically, the wonderful Denise Austin leads a 30-minute workout to lift, tighten, and tone buns. That’s exactly what I needed, and I’m really feeling the after effects!

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