Running With Mascara was lucky enough to score a copy of the Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2011 Wii game! This game is a super fun way to get in shape for the new year! If you’ve ever seen Jillian Michaels, she clearly knows what she’s talking about.  I watch her every week on The Biggest Loser, kicking the contestants butts! The retail value of the game is $40, so try and win it here before buying it in the store! If you don’t own a Wii, it would make a great Christmas present!

Keep reading for information on how to enter the contest!

I hope everybody had an awesome Thanksgiving holiday! It’s without a doubt my favorite day of the entire year, and so I always feel a little let down when it’s over.  But it was a great day–and weekend–filled with lots of  food, family and even a bit of exercise!

Like last year, I started my Thanksgiving morning bright and early, running a 4-mile race called The Fox and the Turkey, near my hometown.  My fiance and I ran it together last year and had planned on running it this year too, but unfortunately he got sick and stayed in bed while I went to the race.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving filled with friends, family and food!

Will you be staying up all night on Thursday to get a head-start on all the amazing Black Friday deals the next morning? I’ve never done the whole Black Friday thing because I’m not a big shopper as it is, and the idea of crowds of people, just isn’t my thing. But I still like to check out the different deals that stores are running. If you’re looking for beauty products, I have just the thing. Keep reading for my top 10 list of Black Friday beauty deals for 2010.

This week was makeover week! The contestants got new clothes, a new hair style courtesy of Jessica Simpson’s hair stylist and they walked a runway for a breast cancer charity (Warriors in Pink) fashion show!  The contestants also found out that they were going to be featured in an upcoming issue of People magazine.

Fit&Fab Living has recently launched a brand new newsletterFitness Insider! If you’re interested in staying fit through exercise and eating healthy, then this is a newsletter you should consider subscribing to.  Fitness Insider covers everything from cardio and strength training workouts and fun workout playlists to fitness tips and ways to stay motivated!

With the new year coming quickly, make getting healthy part of your New Year’s resolution and let Fit&Fab Living help!

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As much fun as the holidays can be, they can also be a major cause of stress. Last-minute gift shopping, planning parties and other unforeseen issues all contribute to the high-paced rush many of us feel during the fall and winter. The weather doesn’t help either. Snow and low temperatures can make the streets dangerous and cause our anxiety to skyrocket. But before you panic, try some of these easy stress relievers. They can really make a difference!

It’s becoming more and more common for employers to pay employees for getting healthy, usually by losing weight.  This trend is taking over the United States as employers are realizing how expensive health care is!In 2000, American companies spend about $56 billion on obesity-related health care costs!  Many employers are offering cash incentives for employees to lose weight, and other employers are offering bonuses, vacation days, discounted health insurance and other prizes. I read about one company that was offering a free cruise for people met specific weight loss goals!

What do you think about weight loss incentive programs like this?

Whether you’re obsessed with makeup or you love to be on top of the latest hairstyles, we’ve got a special treat! Fit&Fab Living has started an all-new beauty newsletter! It’s called Beauty Insider and it comes out two times a week! From makeup advice to hair style ideas and more, you can now get the latest beauty trends in your inbox! Keep reading for a taste of what you’ll find in the newsletter.

Last night I came home, cooked dinner and was ready to jump onto the couch and watch television.  It was one of those days!  Just as I was heading toward the couch, I realized that my fiancé had monopolized the television—he had to decided to drag out the Wii Fit.  After 900 hundred plus days of not touching the game (the Wii Fit tells you when you last played the game), he wanted to get back into a routine of playing a little bit each day.

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