I am so excited that today is the first installment of Running With Mascara’s newest weekly feature: Getting to Know You! Our first featured blogger is Monica and her blog Run, Eat, Repeat. Monica was awesome enough to fill out a brief questionnaire I prepared so that we could all get to know her and her blog just a bit better.

Keep reading to find out more about Monica  and her passion for running!

1. Tell us a bit about your blog?  How long have you been blogging? How did you come up with the title of your blog?  What are you favorite topics to blog about? Why is this topic important to you?

I have been blogging at Run, Eat, Repeat since February 2008. I knew I wanted to start a blog for a while before that and kept bouncing ideas for a name off my friends. Finally, I wrote “Run Eat Repeat” down and knew that was it.

I write about running, eating and the day to day antics of being a red-headed Mexican. It can be kind of random – but that’s the best part!

I think that I’m a girl with a few extra pounds and a love of running. Documenting my training and eating shows my readers that a completely normal, non-athletic looking person can balance running marathons and healthy living without taking either one too seriously :)

I love writing about my trials and tribulations of weight loss. It has been a hard journey and there is something very liberating about being able to just spill all your flaws to the whole internet world.

2. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

The Bible.

3.  What is your greatest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeves are all my own little flaws that bother me. I’m horrible at keeping my room clean and it bugs me – but I still don’t know how to make long term changes to this!

4. What website do you love, but kinda also hate?


5. If our reader’s could only read one of your blog posts, which one should they read and why?

This is the hardest question I’ve had to answer in a long time!

I just wasted 6 hours going through old posts trying to decide, so I’m just going to pick one -

If you can only read one of my posts check out my most recent marathon recap. I think it shows that I am a real girl – I’m not very fast, I’m way too hard on myself, I love pizza and it is what it is…


Also, check out today’s post about Monica’s love of Trader Joes!

Run, Eat, Repeat also features great beginning running tips (in her FAQ section), training schedules and information about intuitive eating.

Thanks, Monica, for participating!

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  • http://www.runeatrepeat.com Runeatrepeat

    Thanks Allison :)

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  • http://eatrunhavefun.blogspot.com/ Amalfi Girl (EatRunHaveFun.blogspot)

    What a great idea! Thanks for starting this segment.
    Amalfi Girl

  • http://eatrunhavefun.blogspot.com/ Amalfi Girl (EatRunHaveFun.blogspot)

    Just went to her blog and realized it is right up my ally. Big time. I’m a big fan of intuitive eating (Geneen Roth, etc.), running, and learning to love yourself as you are (not the old “I’ll love myself when I lose 10 lbs.”). Keep it up!


    Amalfi Girl

  • http://www.fitandfabliving.com AllisonEvans

    I love the idea of intuitive eating as well! It’s definitely an awesome blog to follow!

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