How would you like to have a brand new pair of shoes delivered to you each week for an entire year?  Well, if you enter this StyleFind contest, you can have just that!  The grand prize winner will get 52 pairs of shoes from Sak’s Fifth Avenue worth over $20,000! Read more and find out where to enter after the jump!

Recently I’ve been experimenting a lot more in the kitchen. I am pretty sure reading all the amazing healthy living and food blogs out there has inspired me to be more adventurous! I’ve seen some spectacular pictures of healthy and delicious dishes, and  I finally decided to try, too!

Although I’ve been a vegetarian for just about 7 years now, I definitely haven’t cooked as many things or experimented with as many new foods as I wanted to.  For a long time, cooking = stress.  Would it turn out right? What if I messed up the recipe? Would I even know what some of the ingredients are or where to find them? So I stuck to simple recipes–mainly pasta, pasta and more pasta.

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