Now that February is almost here, it’s probably time to evaluate your fitness/weight loss resolutions for 2011.  There’s no shame in making a resolution and slipping up a bit – it happens to the best of us! Don’t worry if your list doesn’t have any check marks yet. But why not use the start of a new month for a fresh start at your resolution(s)?

Here are a few common problems that I’ve noticed in my own life when it comes to sticking with a resolution.

A.) Not writing it down – I feel like every good resolution needs to be written down somewhere, even if only on a post-it note stuck on your computer.  Writing it down makes it official and more likely that you’ll see it and remember to stick with it.

This week, RWM is featuring the newly engaged Nicole from her blog, RunnerNic…well, the name is under construction, but if you keep reading you’ll find out all about it!  This running blog has recently taken a turn toward the wedding side! So read up to follow her training, racing and now, tons of exciting wedding preparation!

1. Tell us a bit about your blog?

I LOVE blogging! Its such a great form of keeping track of what’s going on in your life.  Blogging has truly opened my eyes to other forms of social networking. I’ve met some pretty awesome people through my blog & I’m excited to see what the new year will bring!

I was browsing the lovely fitness website, FitSugar, and came across what I thought was a great article about overlooked gym equipment.  What I love about this article is that it benefits everyone – those who are still relatively new to the gym thing, and it gives the hard core gym rats some new workout machines to consider.

Personally, I am a party of the long-time gym rat category, and with that comes many weeks of repeated exercises. Running, swimming, strength training, repeat.  While this weekly workout definitely has variety, after many months, it can become stale and your body can adapt to the workout, meaning it doesn’t do as much for your body as it used to.

If you work out pretty regularly, you have to know who Jillian Michaels is. What you think about her is a different story. Me? I actually didn’t know much about Jillian, until this past weekend.

Since I’ve been battling knee tendinitis for the past couple weeks, I’ve been off the treadmill and elliptical, and on the search for some fun exercise programs. I have Comcast Exercise TV on my television at home, and I figured I’d finally give Jillian a go. I tried her 30-Day Shred and her Yoga Shred. Keep reading to find out how I thought Jillian rated!

This week’s episode began with the contestants addressing Dan and Don’s 9-pound weight gain.  Don maintained that he did not throw the weigh-in, although there seemed to be plenty of skepticism.

Alli confronted the contestants bright and early at the gym and let them know that one team will have to train with Brett and Cara for a full week.  This week’s temptation dealt with chocolate cake, fried chicken, burgers, pizza, mac ‘n’ cheese and many other terrible foods that got the contestants on the show in the first place. There was one one favorite food featured for each contestant

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been working hard to cook new, healthy dishes.  I now have a bunch of great cookbooks on hand, as well as some great blogs that I reference for recipes (Oh She Glows is a fantastic resource!) I’ve even carved out my week so that Sunday afternoon is always grocery shopping day, giving me time to plan out my week’s worth of food.

My favorite way to cook is using my rice cooker – yes, I am a lazy cook!  I have one rice cooker cookbook that I absolutely love, The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook, so I figured I’d try a new rice cooker cookbook, The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook, which I whipped off the shelf last night.

Imagine what it must be like knowing something important, something life-saving, before even doctors really promote it. This  is exactly what fitness guru Jack LaLanne knew and worked tirelessly to promote for 80 years!  On Sunday, LaLanne died at the age of 96 due to respiratory failure caused by pneumonia.

It’s hard to truly understand the effect this man had on the way people relate to health and fitness, especially if you’re younger.  Today, fitness and health are hot topics so unless you were around early enough to know how hard Jack LaLanne championed for eating healthy and moving your body every day, you might not be aware of how influential he truly was and continues to be.

I’m leaving to go to Disney World tomorrow- yes, the happiest place on earth- and I’m so excited!  There is one thing I’m worried about, though: gaining a ton of vacation weight.  My family and I are going to be on the Disney Dining Plan this time (we’ve never done it before!) and the plan allows for you to eat a LOT of food.  Desserts, sugary drinks, snacks…and I don’ t have to pay a cent for them.  I’m afraid the temptation will be too much and I’ll come home 3 sizes bigger than I was when I left! I have a plan, though- let me fill you in how I’m going to (try to) be healthy during my trip!

Today’s Getting to Know You post features the hilarious and highly entertaining blogger, Skinny Runner! Skinny Runner’s blog is definitely not a food blog and does not list her daily meals – it’s mostly about running. This hard core runner chronicles all her racing events with a bit of  “celebricizing” on the side.

If you live on the West Coast, check out her page of awesome race reviews so that you can figure out whether they’re worth spending the money on before you sign up.

This blogger has quite an interesting story, so read on to be amazed! And yes, her picture is with Damien and Nicole from The Biggest Loser!

Be honest -  how many of you stay away from margarine because of trans fats, avoid eating fish because of mercury or avoid eggs because of fear of raising your cholesterol?  I know I have dealt with some of these issues before.  But the truth is there are many nutritional myths out there – myths that people actually live their life around. So before you give up eggs, fish and margarine, get the facts straight right here!

MYTH: Carbs make you gain weight.
FACT: The most efficient and effective form of energy is a carbohydrate. For more energy and improved brain function, be sure to focus on eating the right types of carbs (high fiber) in the appropriate amounts.