It’s that time of year when if you’re a gym-goer, you notice a sea of shiny, new faces; and if you’ve just made that resolution to get fit, you may be embarking on that first trip to the gym. Either way,  the beginning of the year is the perfect time to keep up with the workout that you stuck to last year, or turn over a new leaf and make this year different from years of failed fitness resolutions.

Either way, it’s a good thing that the new year’s fitness hype starts in January because there’s nothing about January weather on its own that makes it easy to decide to leave your cozy, comfortable home to exercise. But if you use your renewed new year’s vigor to make it out the door, then all the better!

Here are 11 simple tips to keep in mind as you start to plan how you can make your goal to get healthy or stay healthy possible.

1.)    You’ve made the decision to become fit, so be smart and start off slowly.

2.)    No exercise program works unless you do it.  Remember- it’s all about consistency.

3.)    One of the best things you can do for yourself is wear the right sneaker that gives you the most support. If you haven’t purchased new shoes in over a year, then treat yourself to a new pair!

4.)    Setting realistic goals for yourself is important. Anything worth attaining doesn’t come easily; it takes time and hard work.

5.)    Nutrition plays a key role in your success.  It’s true- “you are what you eat.”

6.)    Eating small meals frequently throughout the day, and combining protein and carbs is the best way to fuel your body.

7.)    Skipping meals doesn’t help you lose weight; fueling the body frequently helps to keep the body’s metabolism revved.

8.)    Don’t forget the weights!  Every successful fitness program needs to incorporate strength training to increase lean body mass and build strong bones.

9.)    Hours of cardio won’t get you the results you want.  Short, intense intervals with a few short rest periods are what you need to burn fat.

10.)    Your body is smart, so be sure to change up your workouts frequently so you keep seeing results.

11.)    Don’t use the scale as a tool to gauge your success. You’re trying to lose body fat, so measure yourself to track your success.

Which of these tips do you need to or want to work on most?

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