When the girls returned home after elimination, they were greeted by Tyra herself!  She was there to give the girls a lesson about their “fashion archetypes.”  She went around telling each girl whether they were all-American, athletic, androgynous, sexy, a girl next door, couture, edgy…you get the idea. She then taught the girls how to sign their autographs (ego trip much?) and then they chatted about needing thick skin when you’re in the fashion industry.

I find it interesting that artificial food colors and dyes are now the health topic du jour. This is because just over a week ago, I was gathering the ingredients to make red velvet pancakes. Once I had everything, I still felt uneasy about using the red food coloring – red dye #40. I started to do a bit of research and decided that I really wanted to use natural food colors. While none of the studies were conclusive, there was enough concern to cause me to shy away.

Every season brings fruits and vegetables, but for me, it’s always spring produce that gets me the most excited. I’m a sucker for fruits, and I tend to eat it more than a couple times a day. But I don’t care enough about fall and winter fruits, like bananas, oranges and apples. Sure, they’re yummy, but they’re nothing compared to rich berries, melons and mango!

Tonight’s episode started off with Kaylee apologizing for giving up during last week’s weigh in, which resulted in Justin being sent home.  She vowed a renewed dedication to the game, despite being right near her goal weight.

When the contestants went into the gym, they found Ali waiting for them. She was ready to show them videos of the day they found out they made the The Biggest Loser.  As heartfelt a moment as this was, it wasn’t just all warm and fuzzy memories. Ali reminded the contestants that there’s always a 12th team that doesn’t make the final cut for the show. But Vance and Leann, the 12th team, arrived at the ranch, ready to compete for a place in the house.

With the crisis in Japan, everyone wants to get the scoop on radiation. What causes radiation? How much can our bodies handle? Can we combat it?

I’ll admit it – it’s been on my mind, too.

Since I need to make a dentist appoint very soon, I started thinking about dental x-rays, wondering how necessary they are. I’m still fairly young and have not had any cavities or other dental issues. But I also know it’s been a year since my last x-ray, and my dentist likes to update his x-rays once a year.

I don’t know about you, but spring and summer weather make me want to run around outside all the time! Unfortunately, sometimes this means being outside long enough to make it inside a restaurant. Let’s face it, it’s hard to avoid eating and drinking out when you’re hanging out with friends!

So the war with myself begins. To go out and have a good time and eat poorly, or stay in and sulk but eat healthy foods. I choose neither! Realistically, since I know I’ll potentially be eating out more, I need to try and find some balance in my life.

Here are some tips I came up with to help me enjoy my nights out without coming home feeling overly-stuffed, guilty or sick to my stomach.

Prepare yourself for some moves and munchies today because we’re featuring the lovely Carrie from what else but Moves ‘N Munchies. Carrie is an American living in Britain and has an awesome sense of humor! And to top it off, she shares tons of AMAZING and healthy recipes and workouts on her blog.  Staple Sunday is a personal favorite of mine! You have to check it out!

I think that most of us could agree that smoothies totally rock! Who doesn’t enjoy hitting up Jamba Juice on warm, sunny afternoons? But buying smoothies isn’t cheap! In fact, I’m always shocked at how much I end up spending on them -  usually between $3 – $5, depending on size and ingredients. And if you like those fancy shots of wheat grass and such, that’s extra.

It finally hit me that I could start making my own smoothies – and not only would I save a lot of time, but I could control the ingredients. No added sugar here! All you need is a blender or food processor and you’re good to go.

Yesterday’s episode started with a Covergirl challenge! The girls were divided into three teams of three and they had to each represent one Covergirl look. They then had to make videos for Covergirl.com!  Alexandria, Molly, and Monique were together and had to represent a daytime/casual look.  Kasia, Brittani, and Mikaela had to represent a red carpet/evening look, and Hannah, Dalya, and Jaclyn had to do bold/colorful eyes.

Tonight the contestants had to face their past – their game past, that is. The teams are told that they are splitting into 4 teams of 3: blue, black, red and green. Starting with the highest percentage of weight loss, one person at a time walked over to a row of free weights and grabbed one. The bottom of the weight was colored to match the trainer.

Red team is trained by Brett:

  • Justin
  • Jenn
  • Courtney

Black team is trained by Jillian

  • Roulan
  • Hannah

Green team is trained by Cara

  • Austin
  • Ken
  • Kaylee

Blue team is trained by Bob

  • Moses
  • Irene
  • Olivia