Today’s featured blogger is the well-known and loved Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers. If you’ve been following her blog, then you’ll know she documents many of her tasty eats, great workouts and shenanigans with her husband and adorable dog, Sadie.  We hope you enjoy meeting this vibrant, health, fitness and life enthusiast!

1. Tell us a bit about your blog?

We live in a world dominated by social media - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg - it’s hard not to be up-to-date on the world’s happenings.  It seem that literally everyone has gotten on board, from middle- and high-schoolers to college students, parents and even grandparents.

Social media offers everyone the ability to not only stay connected to the most important people in their life, but to also blindly observe those whose lives may interest us.  We all love spying on other people, right? But how far should this phenomenon go?

Sorry for the lack of a recap last week folks, but last week’s episode was a hokey “behind the scenes” episode, and it wasn’t really worth talking about.  This week, however, there is much to discuss!  The episode started with all our favorite models arriving in Morocco! Everyone was awestruck and excited, and they were greeted by the Jays (along with some monkeys and snakes)!   How very Moroccan…

Don’t be misled by the title of this post. I actually eat fast food pretty rarely, and when I do, I stick to a select number of places* and meal items. *Check out the above graphic! But I still want to share my favorites with you because they’re pretty tasty and not too bad for you either!

The reason why I don’t eat out often is because it’s too easy for me to give into temptation and get that high-calorie item, rather than a salad. This is especially true at lunchtime. I’d much rather bring my lunch and know exactly what I’m eating then go to a restaurant or fast food joint and have to guess. I can even make a copycat fast food item and healthify it!

This week the contestant’s returned to the ranch after their New Zealand adventure. And because of a new reality show called The Voice,Of course, Ali Sweeney met them to give them the important news, which was that it’s favorite’s week. This week favorite contestants from season’s past will make an appearance on the show. As soon as they entered the gym, Sam and Ali were waiting for them and put them through a circuit workout.

It seems nearly impossible to keep any secret these days, especially when you have paparazzi trained like hound dogs to sniff out the latest and greatest secret.  But the secret that everyone’s dying to know has not been revealed – and that’s what is fashion icon, Kate Middleton, wearing on her wedding day.

The world is being bombarded with every last detail of the royal wedding. The British are even getting the day off of work! We know they’re tying the knot at Westminster Abbey and that the reception is at Buckingham Palace. We know they’re serving a multi-layered fruit cake made by Fiona Cairns. And we know that Kate and William will travel in the same carriage used by Princess Diana and Prince Charles at their wedding.

The only reason I know it’s allergy season is that I’ve been reading everywhere that this season is one of the worst ever! Thankfully, I don’t have to deal with red, itchy skin and an inflamed, drippy nose.  But some of my family members have terrible allergies to basically everything in nature, so I’ve watched them deal with allergy issues for many years.

While finding the right medication can help, there are other ways you can minimize your body’s response to allergens. Here are some helpful tips on how you can better protect yourself this allergy season.

Today, I wanted to look back at my New Year’s goals that I created back on December 29th. I mean a lot can happen in 4 months. Honestly, I can’t even remember all my goals, which is why I think it’s time to revisit them and see how I’m doing.

Here are the goals I set at the very end of last year:

1. Get in shape for my wedding. Classic, right? At least my wedding is in September, so there’s an end in sight for this one. I already work out consistently, so the key will be to keep things new and fresh so that my workouts don’t become stale. I want to include a larger focus on strength training, which I do, but not as much or as well as I could.

For this week’s Getting To Know You feature, we’re featuring the lovely Gabriela, who blogs over at Une Vie Saine. This student and foodie is trying to lead a healthy life  while living in the Big Apple! As you might be able to guess, she can speak French, so if you want to know what her blog name translates to, keep reading to find out more about Gabriela and her blog!

1. Tell us a bit about your blog?

Recently, we Running with Mascara Editors received a few sample bags of Rhythm Superfoods Kale Chips to taste!  The first thing we all thought was “what the heck is a kale chip?”  We didn’t know what to expect!  Find out what we thought of these raw snacks after the jump.

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