If you’re celebrating Easter this weekend, you’re probably attending a dinner, a brunch or taking a trip to a restaurant. No matter which one it is, it can be challenging to find a meal that fits in with your weight loss program.

I know I won’t be able say no to lamb, pastitso or all the flaky and sugary desserts. But I will try to fill up on salad, so I won’t have as much room for all the sweet stuff. Or you can make a couple dishes yourself. You’ll be fully aware of the ingredient list then.

We’ve got some Easter ideas for you that are easy on the waist-line but still delicious!

This week the contestants witnessed the beauty of Queenstown, New Zealand. The landscape was absolutely gorgeous! After taking the beauty of their surroundings, Ali informed the contestants that they are now playing the game as singles – going back to their original colors. The contestants now get to train from all of the trainers. And then from way up in the sky, Brett floated down, attached to a parachute.

Cara took Hannah and Kaylee to a place in Queenstown where they had jump off a cliff – 358 feet high! They fell at a speed of 93 mph!