I’ve never been too fond of hair and skin beauty routines. This is probably because I like to spend as little time as possible getting ready to go. I don’t like adding additional steps that tack on the minutes.

But sometimes during the winter months my skin gets so dry that I have to take additional time and lather up with lotion or work on keeping my hair moisturized from the dry air.  I have never really considered summer to be a problem, although after reading these tips from Theresa Jacobson, director for the school of Cosmetology & Clinical Skin Care for Florida Career College, I’m convinced that maybe I should make a more of an effort to treat my skin and hair right all year round.

I’m very excited to be featuring Susan from The Great Balancing Act today! Despite a terrible arm injury this past February (read her “About” page to get the whole story), her positivity and motivation to keep working out and keep herself strong is inspiring, to say the least.  Susan has also had a successful weight loss story and is now a certified personal trainer and nutrition and wellness specialist! The way that Susan has followed her dreams and accomplished so much despite the roadblocks is nothing short of amazing!

Susan, I wish you the best of luck with your arm recovery! If anyone can get through it, you certainly can!

1. Tell us a bit about your blog?

Planning to have some fun in the sun this Memorial Day weekend?  Before you go scorching your skin, spend today learning about ways to protect yourself this summer.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention have joined together to name today “Don’t Fry Day.” Learn more after the jump.

I don’t know about you, but I think this season has been a good one, and I can’t wait to see who takes home the $250,000 prize and title of Biggest Loser. I’m even excited to see who will win the Biggest Loser at-home prize of $100,000.

The episode started off with finding out whether Jay or Irene was voted into the final 3! Both contestants came out on stage looking fabulous. Irene was sporting a bright pink strapless dress and Jay was wearing a sleek button-down shirt and dress pants. The winner of American’s vote was Irene, which really wasn’t too shocking to me.

I’ve been kind of a bad exerciser lately. Life has gotten in the way, and it’s just been difficult to fit working out into my schedule. My grandmother passed away last Thursday, so my priority was to be with my mother, aunts and grandfather all weekend long.

The Chicago Bulls are also playing in the Eastern Conference Finals, and I can’t miss a game! Tonight, I’m having girlfriends over to watch the Real World, and I’m afraid I won’t have time to exercise again. Yikes!

Since I have to hold off on exercising, I need to find other ways to stay active or more important, not gain any weight. Keep reading for my tips!

The American College of Sports Medicine released its findings on the healthiest most populous metropolitan areas as part of the annual American Fitness Index.  How do you think your city stacks up? My closest metropolitan city is Chicago, which I thought would be somewhere in the middle of the pack, and I was right! Chicago came in at number 28, which isn’t ideal as far as I’m concerned, but better than being last.

So how did they rank the cities? They considered a variety of factors such as the percentage of residents who smoke,  obesity rates, percentage of people who work out and proximity to parks, trails and farmer’s markets.  The study also considered the rate of diseases such as heart attack and asthma as indicators of overall health.

You’ve all seen Bob Harper team up with Jillian Michaels to whip 11 seasons of Biggest Loser contestants into tip-top shape. If you’re into home workout DVDs, you probably own or at least have heard about Jillan’s 30-Day Shred Workout.  Now Bob Harper is joining the ranks with his own intense fat-burning program!

The DVD comes with 2 workouts. The first workout is the Extreme Cardio Challenge in which you burn hundreds of calories using fast-paced movements and complete core engagement. This workout is an effective fat-burning workout that targets all the major muscle groups in the body.

The second workout is a quick 10-Minute Glute Challenge that combines small-range motion and core strength to target your glutes. The slow and controlled movements will leave them burning well after this speedy workout!

This week, RWM is featuring Allie of Live Laugh Eat. Allie is living life to the fullest – and the healthiest with what better combination than fitness and baking!  She also takes beautiful photos so you’ll have to stop by and check them out! Her blog is cute, creative and has tons of great resources for healthy living!  But for now, I’ll let Allie take it away…

1. Tell us a bit about your blog?

Live Laugh Eat is a blog about my adventurous life as a [not so] recent college graduate. I write daily about food, fitness, baking, traveling, photography, and whatever else strikes my mood.

We’ve finally come to the finale and I’m so excited to tell you all about how it all went down.  The episode began with the girls talking about how excited they were to be in the final two and talking a bit more about their lives.  After that, the girls had to each individually speak with Ivan Bart, the Sr. Vice President of IMG Models.

Ivan loved Molly’s photos and said that while she looked like a normal pretty girl in person, she really transformed in photos.  Ivan loved Brittani’s attitude and said she had a beautiful face.

I have two favorite colors - yellow and pink. I like them because they’re bright (at least the shades that I like) and they make me feel warm and happy. So I’m pretty excited that the fashionistas of the world have decided that pink is IN this summer! Not that this changes much for me since I wear my favorite colors regardless of what’s fashionable. But now, I can easily find pink everything when I’m out shopping – and I like it!

So here are a few ways you can rock pink this summer, followed by a brief commentary by yours truly: