We all have those really plain shirts and tanks that are comfortable but not very interesting. Make outfits more fun by fashionably accessorizing for summer using these tips!

Once warm weather hits, I make a beeline for flip flops and sandals. This means that I also have to add one more step to my beauty routine – painting my toenails. I love having brightly colored toenails! I usually sport various shades of pink. Actually, I think I only even own pink nail polish.

I have to say that I’m terrible at anything artistic. I won’t venture to say that painting your nails is very artistic, but it requires some amount of skill and dexterity to paint the nail and not your skin. I always have trouble with that part.  So when I decide to paint my nails, I want that nail polish to stay put!

Sure it’s summer and it’s nice to get outside for that workout, but what about the days when it’s rainy or just way too hot! If there’s one thing I hate about summer, it’s the humidity. I can handle hot temps, but as soon as it gets humid, I just lock myself up in air conditioning and wait it out.

If you a bit more daring and want to workout outside regardless of the weather, here are some great tips on how to get in a good workout while staying cool!

I most definitely won’t go running outside because you feel like you’ve just completed an hour-long workout in 5 minutes! Talk about dripping in sweat!

If there’s one food topic that has grown in popularity over the years, it’s the topic of organic food. I’m sure we’ve all heard that much of our produce has been sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals that could harm us over time.  Sometimes we’re strongly urged to buy all organic produce, sometimes we’re urged only to buy specific foods, but it seems that the guidelines and recommendations are always changing.

Personally, I purchase some of my produce organic and others I don’t. Unfortunately organic produce can be more costly, which easily deters many people from purchasing it. I also try to buy organic because it’s good for the environment. Much of our planet’s water pollution stems from the chemicals used in agriculture.

This weekend was filled with wedding-related events. My fiance and  I had engagement photos taken on Saturday, and Sunday was my bridal shower.  As casual and laid back as I am when it comes to makeup and clothes on the weekend, I decided this was one weekend where I should put in the effort to look my best.

I’m not huge fan of the camera, so I was pretty apprehensive about these pictures. And without fail, my skin decided to majorly act up, which meant that my usual light makeup routine wasn’t going to work. My skin was broken out and despite treating it with benzoyl peroxide numerous times, it was just too far gone.

As a big fan of the musical Wicked, I was pretty excited when the opportunity to interview Kristin Chenoweth (she plays Glinda) presented itself. I’ve also been following her role as a drunken Broadway star wannabee on the television show Glee. And now she has lent her unmistakable voice to the Listerine “Your Mouth Has Something to Say” campaign in which she’s helping advocate for people to keep their teeth healthy so that they can proudly show off their smiles.

Keep reading to check out my interview with Kristen Chenoweth!

When working out, I go through phases on what I focus on. Usually, cardio’s my thing, but over the last year or so, I’ve been trying to make strength training a much bigger part of my workout. I never enjoyed weight lifting really, until taking my first BodyPump class. Now I’d say I have a pretty strong balance between cardio, strength training and core workouts.

Keep reading to learn how to do the perfect abdominal crunch.

I swim all year round, but there’s something about the summer that makes me constantly want to jump in a pool – or a lake, if I’m at the beach.  For me swimming is both a workout and fun activity, although most of the swimming I do is fitness-related.  Here’s a great swimming workout if you’re interested. But I’m always looking for a reason to hang out with my younger cousins just to hang out at the pool all day.

When I first started swimming, I had no idea that I couldn’t just use my everyday soap and shampoo and conditioner. I did this for about a week and realized that no amount of scrubbing could rid that terrible chlorine smell from my hair. I remember washing my hands at least 10 times in a row and still smelling like I just got out of the pool. My skin also became extremely dry.

I recently stumbled upon a new beauty trend that made me say “wow!”  It got me talking to all my friends, and that doesn’t happen very often.  The trend?  Lip tattoos. No, we’re not talking real tattoos with needles and ink; they’re more like the temporary tattoos you stuck on your arms as a kid.  Keep reading to learn more!

If you’ve been working like crazy to shed extra weight for the summer, you might now be experiencing the dreaded weight loss plateau. As frustrating as these plateaus might be, don’t give up. There are plenty of ways you can break through your weight loss barrier!

Why the Plateau?
Well, it has to do with your basal metabolic rate (BMR). Your BMR is the rate at which your body uses calories for metabolic functions. In other words, it’s the rate at which your body burns calories at rest.

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