Remember playing kickball when you were a kid?  Well, it’s back in a big way!  Adult kickball leagues are popping up all over the nation, thanks to the World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA), making it easy to re-live your childhood and get fit at the same time!

Welcome to week 2 of Friday Freebies!  This giveaway is perfect for all you fitness fanatics out there.  This week’s sponsor is Copco, and they’re ready to help us give away 3 awesome Mix 2 Go water bottles!  Keep reading to enter the giveaway and to find out what makes these water bottles so special.

I know, I know…why would a grown woman want to dress like a teenage male entertainer? Well it just so happens that I have seen a lot of people sporting looks (even hair) that resemble the likes of one Justin Bieber. We know he loves sunglasses, and who doesn’t love a pair of those? I know there has to be a way to work his style without looking a.) like a boy b.) like a teenager or c.) completely insane! There are more cool leather ‘n jeans  looks after the jump!

Our random number generator has chosen comment #19, which means that Nan is the winner of our Arctic Zero giveaway!  Nan, we will be contacting your via email shortly.

For all of you who didn’t win, stay tuned for another fantastic giveaway later on today!

Last time I checked, I didn’t possess the bank account (set for life), hair (always flawless and flowing) or rear end (ample) of one Jennifer Lopez (J. Lo to most of you), but that doesn’t mean I can’t style myself. We may not be able to afford a stylist, hair guru and team of paid assistants, but we can all know what works best on our figures and make our closets work for us (they don’t talk back or ask for astronomical raises, either). Read about the ways you can become a stylist for a star- yourself!

Hi, everybody!  We’re starting a new feature here on Running with Mascara called Friday Freebies.  Each Friday, we’ll be hosting an awesome giveaway with great health, beauty, fitness, and fashion prizes!  This week’s giveaway is for a yummy variety pack of low-calorie Arctic Zero ice cream bars and pints!  Keep reading to learn more and enter!

I started Wedding Wednesday last week with this post, and I’m taking some of my own advice this week and starting with a confession. My name is Jennifer, and I’m a soda-drinker/junk-food-eater  with no desire to work out. With my wedding about 10 months away and the need to be healthier looming, I know I have to kick-start my training! Keep reading for how I’m beating my habits and creating a manageable workout schedule!

Our friends over at Everyday Health have featured an excellent interview article that has best-selling author and fitness guru Jillian Michaels (formerly of TV’s The Biggest Loser) talking to another best-selling author and money guru- the one and only Suze Orman. Both of these women are inspirations and are deserving of this platform. Read more to see what Suze has to tell Jillian about rising to the top despite personal struggles and how she was able to get to know herself and what she was made of

Last week, a major heat wave struck many parts of the United States, including our office in Chicago. Summer is not even half over, so if you’re like me and have issues with your shorts, read this feature on the ways to fashionably wear this cool trend! And for more tips on dealing with the heat, check out this set of tips!

Yes, stores always have great new nail polish colors and gimmicks to make us pay more for our nails. The salons have new techniques that they’d love us to try. We’ll decode the myths and trends, and give you a fabulous new set of nail tips, including this gem! Keep reading after the jump for more exclusive nail tips from Running With Mascara.

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