A lot of my friends have recently started participating in 5K races, and I can understand why.  A 5K race is long enough to be a challenge, but short enough that you don’t have to train for months and months on end.  If you’re looking to start running competitively, we have some great tips for you!  Keep reading to learn about our simple, but effective tips for running your first 5K.

1. Pick a cause.
If you’re afraid that you might chicken out at the last moment, running for a cause will ensure that you stay true to your goal and follow through.  You wouldn’t want to let down your favorite charity, would you?

2. Get the right shoes.

Wearing the wrong shoes during the race will result in discomfort, and could even end in injury!  Click here to read our 5 no-fail tips for picking out the best workout shoes.

3. Practice!
You can’t expect to run a fantastic race without any training.  Start at a pace that is comfortable for you, then continue to challenge yourself by slowly increasing your speed over time.  Find it hard to train on your own?  Recruit a friend to train with you!

4. Pace Yourself
Sprinting at the start of a race is the downfall of many a runner.  Don’t get too excited at the beginning of the course, then waste all your energy in the first mile.  Pace yourself and save the sprinting for the final quarter mile or so.

5. Keep Going
If you enjoyed the race, don’t stop at one- keep going!  Competing with yourself will give you goals to achieve and will get you into better shape.  Once 5Ks become too easy, you could always try a 10K, half-marathon, or even a marathon!

Read more great tips for your first 5K here!

You tell us: Have you ever run a race?  What was your finest racing moment?

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