I love a beauty steal, and I love finding a product that is just as great as any high-end beauty product, like Wet n Wild clear lip gloss, which is very similar to the MAC lipglass for a tenth of the price! Keep reading to find out what items you should be saving money on!

Everyone wants to save money, especially on beauty items. Here are some of our favorites:

Nail polish.
Stick with Essie. No one should ever pay $25 for a nail polish (many high-end department stores will try). At $8 a pop, Essie is the way to go, with colors from the palest of pink (‘Ballet Slippers’ is an award-winner) to the darkest black for Halloween…or just because you’re feeling a tad bit goth on a Monday.

Maybelline Mascara. Always a winner and a celeb and everyday girl’s fave, Great Lash (you know the one- pink and green!) is the best drugstore buy out there!

Cetaphil fash wash. Why spend $50 on a designer face wash when all of the makeup artists and A-list celebrities are using this budget savior? It is gentle and doesn’t dry out your skin- who could ask for anything more?

Want more tips for gorgeous lashes? Check out this link. If you want more beauty secrets, be sure to take a look at this!

What cheap buys do the job just as well as the pricey items? What is your favorite drugstore beauty buy? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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