Erin Whitehead of The Fit Bottomed Mamas is our guest feature this Monday, and we’re beyond thrilled. We love reading their advice on all things parenthood, and they pull information from reliable sources into easy-to-read posts. Keep reading to learn more about Erin, and what led her to write for the Fit Bottomed Girls’ spinoff, Fit Bottomed Mamas!

Project Runway ended last night with four amazing collections from Viktor Luna, Joshua McKinley, Kimberly Goldson and Anya Ayoung-Chee. These designers were known all season for their unique styles and amusing personality quirks, and now a winner has been selected! Keep reading for the full review of last night’s Project Runway, and tell us which collection was your favorite!

Scared Panda is a kick-ass t-shirt company that reflects different communities and sub cultures. All of their t-shirts are printed using eco-friendly printing techniques and they donate 10% of every sale to a Chicago-based nonprofit called Growing Home! Keep reading to find out how you can win an awesome yoga-inspired shirt that will help you find peace in your chaotic lifestyle!

Have you gotten bored of the spin class and weight-lifting and want to return to a more graceful way of getting in shape? Ballet Beautiful with Mary Helen Bowers is just what you need to improve your posture, develop a strong center and elongate your limbs for increased flexibility! Also check out the Juvi by XANGO hair and body products that will make your after-workout hair clean, sleek and ready for a night out on the town. Keep reading for more…

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The white ‘Pippa Middleton’ bridesmaid dress was launched today at Debenhams. Keep reading for the look, the price and where you can achieve a similar look, whether it’s for a Halloween party or your wedding day!

At Fit&FabLiving, we’ve added a great new section to our site where you can talk with fellow readers about fitness, health, beauty, and many other topics. Keep reading to learn all about our new forums, and how you can help answer style and fitness questions!

We had the opportunity to talk to Jody of Truth2BeingFit this week, and she gave us lots of ideas and inspirations about getting fit. At 53, Jody has had a lot of experience, and is very knowledgeable about fitness and health. Keep reading to learn about what Jody had to tell us!

There is nothing better than a chic dress from a designer brand for Fall. Autumn is all about the layered look, and not only can you win a fabulous dress, you will also learn how to complete the look! Keep reading for all the details on the Ming Wang dress giveaway – there are a whopping 6 ways to win!

Jockey’s Person to Person line provides an array of comfortable and yet chic jackets, scarves and other wardrobe staples. Their Fall 2011 collection is full of goodies! You may have thought that Jockey was just about undershirts and underwear, but they do so much more! Keep reading to learn how you can win items from this terrific Fall line!

You love to run, you love to keep healthy – but you also love your salsa and guacamole! Keep reading to learn more about the Wholly Guacamole products that you can win and how the company helps make eating guac healthy and fun. Just look at how much Kentucky the chihuahua loves their giant avocado prize pack!

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