Do you collect fashion, beauty and gossip mags and stand in awe of the beauty of Olivia Wilde or another one of the recent Hollywood ‘It’ girls? It might surprise you to know that Olivia has battled breakouts and has often looked less-than-perfect on the street and on the red carpet when compared to her glowing beauty on the cover of your favorite magazines. Keep reading to learn the insider tricks that make everyday women strive to become something that no woman is – ‘perfect’!

Lots of our readers have been recently interested in a 2009 story about Lizzie Miller, and how a controversial Glamour magazine photo empowers all women. We’ll show you the picture in question, and we invite you to tell us how you feel about magazines’ decisions to feature women’s’ imperfections. Keep reading to get the scoop, and learn all about the incident and what you can do to support your fellow woman!

Christina Provo helped us out with a lot of holiday tips in her newest feature on RWM! She teaches us great ways to indulge and keep everything in moderation, while helping us achieve our goals of health and fitness. Keep reading to learn more from Christina about surviving the holidays!

Relax after the holiday with these DIY bath and beauty treatments and learn more about giveaways!

We hope that you and yours have a wonderful and relaxing holiday weekend. Keep reading for the simple ways you can unwind (football, anyone?), de-stress and keep active this weekend after the turkey and stuffing have been gobbled up!

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Who was the big winner (of a Mirrorball trophy) on Dancing with the Stars? Should you see the new Muppet movie this weekend? Keep reading for fashion and beauty inspiration from the dancers on DWTS and the Muppets themselves; they even have an OPI nail polish line!

With Black Friday come deals on almost everything with a heavy price tag. Whether you want clothes, gifts, an electronic item, or even a car, stores are ready to greet you with lower prices on great stuff. Keep reading to learn how to be a pro shopper on Black Friday, and how to avoid the downsides of the mayhem!

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Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a general holiday party, it’s important to dress the part. When you only see certain family and friends a couple of times a year, you should make a great impression. Keep reading for our outfit tips, and get some trendy recommendations for how to look stellar regardless of the occasion.

Juni by XANGO is a new line that was launched in September. This personal care line brings the serenity of a spa into the home environment via a natural combination of aromatherapy, mangosteen and plant nutrition. Keep reading to learn how you can win a personal haircare and body care set that has everything you need to shine this holiday season!

Who was just voted PEOPLE magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive? The answer may surprise you; I know it surprised me! We let you in on the details and discuss other fashionable males popping up in celebrity news feeds. How important is a man’s fashion sense to you?

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