These healthy snacks will definitely tempt you to snack better in 2012! Keep reading for our best recipes and tips on snacking healthy.

Here is the list of all seven fabulous snacks!

A Few of Our Favorites…

1. Nuts. In general, nuts have lots of protein and Vitamin B! There are lots of ways to eat them: add to a dessert, salad, or even meat entree for a gorgeous presentation and even better taste!

2. Seeds. Pumpkin seeds are so good and good for you when simply baked and served. Add them to your favorite trail mix of raisins and pretzels to balance out the sweet and salty!

3. Potatoes. Everyone says they’re starchy and fatty, but if you use the right condiments (like honey instead of sour cream and butter) they are actually quite beneficial.

Tell us: How will you change your snacking habits in 2012?

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