What happened on the premiere of The Biggest Loser? Keep reading for the skinny (gotta love that play on words) on what went down, plus some diet and exercise tips of our own!

This show had one of the shortest breaks ever. I am particularly angry that two of my favorite shows (The Good Wife and New Girl) have been playing re-runs, and yet The Biggest Loser is back with a new season in less than 3 weeks! So what happened last night on the hit reality weight loss show?

The first challenge offered by host Alison Sweeney meant that the couple in last place would be headed home before they even got the opportunity to settle in to their new situation. The Aqua Team (Adrian and Daphne) were the unlucky twosome that didn’t quite make the grade. All the same, Alison gave the pair a new challenge after their loss: if they can lose 50 pounds in one month, they will be brought back into the competition.

As the contestants got their feel of the show’s gym for the first time, Alison threw them for a loop: they arrived as pairs to the competition, but that was going to change. All ten teams were split, with one contestant training under Bob and the other with Dolvett. In the end, Bob’s team (The Black Team) was made up of  Kim, Joe, Christine, Jeremy, Cassandra, Ben, Chism, Megan and Gail. Dolvett’s Team (The Red Team) is comprised of Emily, Mike, Roy, Nancy, Conda, Kimmy, Buddy, Mark and Lauren.

After the weigh-in, Ben was sent home (with disappointing numbers all around, to be quite honest- no one lost over 15 pounds except Buddy with 22).

What will happen this season? You will just have to keep watching (or come back to the blog for all our recaps)!

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How do you think this season of The Biggest Loser will pan out? Who do you want to win? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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  • Peggy

    I have not yet watched, but I cannot wait to watch it tonight! I love Biggest Loser! It’s the best show!