England is raring to go in celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee: 60 years on the throne! When I was in England earlier in the week, preparations were already underway in form of stadium-style seating outside Buckingham Palace and extra security on the Underground trains. What I’m more interested in, however, is what the royal family will be wearing and doing over the next few days. Read on for all the scoop!

Bonjour, everyone! I have just returned from London and France (complete with underpants) and I was lucky enough to head out to the outskirts of Paris, albeit not the Cannes Film Festival. All the same, magazines and newspapers in France had full coverage of the spectacle that is Cannes: the sun, the tan beautiful celebs and, of course, the dresses that turned heads. Read on for my favorites…and a couple of misfires.

Every so often, a fashion trend happens and never seems to go away or grow into anything more interesting. Today, we’re here to call out a few fashion trends that have more than stayed their welcome. It’s time for some new fashion ideas, people! Keep reading to see our favorite looks of this summer.

Hello, beauty buffs! It’s Emilie, back again with another beautiful beauty product giveaway, this time from Billion Dollar Brows. We are happy to offer our lucky readers the chance to win three amazing products that will surely be on your MUST list; if you didn’t receive everything you wanted for Mother’s Day, here is your chance to win big. More after the jump, beauty mavens!

Nothing makes me happier than an excursion to the website Bluefly.com: keep reading for my favorite looks currently available on the site. Discounts abound! I am a sucker for a pump or dress at a deep discount, and you can’t do much better when it comes to designer duds!

This weekend in the Midwest, temperature highs were in the 90s and even though all I wanted to do was sit in the AC, I got out there and worked in the sun. Keep reading to see a recap of my fabulous outdoor adventures, and get some ideas about how you can enrich your summer with valuable exercise.

In honor of National Bike Month this May, we have an awesome giveaway that features official Tour de France bike gear, from water bottles to other cool cycling swag! Read on for all the details!

Your hair may sometimes make you crazy, but it’s easy to keep it pretty and manageable once Summer hits. Keep reading to learn how you can jazz up your tresses and keep your hair gorgeous and easy breezy all season long minus the work, products and plugs!

You may have promised yourself to start eating in a more healthy way earlier in the year; it’s now May, people! It’s time to look ahead to bathing suit season and consider ways you can add diet-friendly options to your exercise plan. Exercise and diet work together: remember that! Keep reading for our tips and recipes that will help you achieve your goals sooner than later. More after the jump!

Sure, everyone loves the look of a gorgeous mani-pedi in a bright spring hue, but could your nail habits be ruining your natural nail? Keep reading for some of the worst habits we’ve heard, and what you can do to better protect your nails.

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