In the summer, adding fruit is a great refresher for any meal. Top off a great summer grilling session with a dessert full of fresh strawberries – your guests will love it, we promise! Strawberry Delight: Quick low calorie strawberry dessert that is loved by all. I get lots of requests for it!

Refrigerator Strawberry Pie: A nice dessert on a hot summer day. A cool fruity taste and very pleasing to the eye.

Strawberry Shortcake Muffins: Why not put all the ingredients of strawberry shortcake into a muffin? These rich, delicate muffins don’t need another thing – they are perfect as is.

Simple Strawberry Lemonade Pie: This pie is delicious and has all the hints of summertime.

Guilt-Free Strawberry Torte: You won’t feel bad about eating this cake because it’s just good for you!

Mango Apricot Strawberry Smoothie : Divide mixture between 4 large margarita glasses. If desired, garnish each glass with a whole strawberry.

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