I haven’t even left the office yet and my brain is already in shopping mode. With three days to shop it’s time to strategize. What sales should I hit first? What items do I need to stock up on? Decisions, Decisions. Here’s a roundup of all the sales happening this weekend so you can formulate your plan of attack.

As of late, I’ve become even more interested in cocktail rings. Keep reading to see some of the ones I’m eying for this fall.

In one of the more ridiculous stories to come out this week, there is a $290 paper bag for sale for the woman who has…well, everything else. Find out who makes it and why it exists at all (and see a pic!)…just some of the questions I know I have been asking myself…

Leave the oversize jerseys to the guys, sorry girls but you never looked cute in them anyway. And with several stores now carrying NFL and college gear designed with women in mind, there’s no need to. When game day comes were going to be the most stylish ones at the stadium.

I had a perfect Sunday evening yesterday, complete with a more complicated than usual DIY manicure. Keep reading to see how I embraced some of my favorite nail polishes for a one of a kind look this week.

It sounds too good to be true, but we’re not lying! No matter what your size or shape is, there is one dress style that looks good on everyone. Can you guess what it is?

Juni by XANGO
is a personal care line that brings the serenity of a spa via a natural combination of aromatherapy, mangosteen and plant nutrition. Keep reading to learn how you can win the set that has everything you need to stay hydrated and gorgeous this Fall.

When many of my favorite shoe brands like Sam Edelman and BCBG started introducing a shoe so interesting called the “smoking slipper,” I knew I had to investigate and get my hands on some for fall. Keep reading to see how to wear a smoking slipper, and see my top 3 favorite pairs!

You’re never to old to wear your initials, just ditch the tacky rhinestone necklace you wore in fourth grade. There are several more sophisticated and elegant options out there to show off your letters in style.

Can you believe it’s been a whole year since the black and white-themed $10M hoopla with 3 Vera Wang dresses for the bride and 5 other gowns for her sibs and mom? This day made us question, Is Vera Wang Overrated seeing as how over $100,000 worth of dresses couldn’t even help it last 3 months? And, if you’re cake is legitimately taller than your basketball player hubby, how do you cut it? And, why hasn’t Kris been able to prove yet that it was all a scam for more dinero? Keep reading to hear even more of our crazy thoughts concerning this lavish affair.

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