We have an exciting giveaway this week here on RWM, and it’s one that will help you effortlessly improve your health this holiday season. Keep reading to hear all about Konsyl and what benefits fiber can have in your life.

lindsay lohan arrest

Oh LiLo you’ve done it again. It must have been a slow news week, because the headlines have been dominated by her most recent arrest. In case you missed it, she slapped a woman outside of a nightclub in NYC. Let’s take a look back on her troubled career shall we?

Forget spending loads of money on holiday gifts and decorations this year because we have a whole assortment of things to make and do using a simple list of materials you probably already have at home. Keep reading to see my favorite ways to spruce up your home and get it holiday season-ready in a flash.

a Man Meditating In the field

Since I haven’t really had the opportunity to introduce myself, I thought I’d take this chance to do so. I’m Dan. This post will let you know a little bit about me in some of my most embarrassing incidents. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes. Hell, hopefully can learn from my mistakes.  As the only male editor here, you won’t find me writing about nail polish, shoe trends, or fashion faux pas (I’m sure I’ve committed enough to be imprisoned by now). I have to adapt. So, let’s get to my stupidity.

Makeup is one of those things I probably should own more of, but I hate buying for myself. Good quality makeup is expensive so I often avoid it all together. I’m sure many women feel the same, which it what makes makeup the perfect gift. Whether it’s for a friend, sister or co-worker, everyone loves getting nice makeup that they otherwise wouldn’t buy for themselves.

With all of the great shopping deals this weekend, I am pleased to say that I finished a majority of my holiday shopping! Read on to learn about my weekend and the fantastic deals I scored as I shopped!

a man stretching his leg

I exercise every morning before work. 6:45 AM I’m inside and going to town on the machines. The people who go at that time are all there to actually exercise, so I don’t mind if it’s busy. I, however, made the horrible decision of sleeping in on Thanksgiving and getting to the gym around 9:00 AM. Dear God. Instead of people sweating on the machines, I was greeted by people laughing, conversing, and standing around texting. GIVE. ME. A. BREAK. This is a gymnasium, not a tea party. 

Myself and my fellow Running With Mascara editors love nail polish, so it was hard not to keep this prize to ourselves! Keep reading to find out how you can win!

I am all for celebrating one holiday at a time, and firmly applaud stores like Nordstrom who wait to get into the Christmas spirit until after Thanksgiving. But, have you been distracted by all the great ads and deals this week? Keep reading to see the deals that are making me kind-of-but-not-really wish I was shopping today after I eat.

A Big Blue Live Speaker sitting on top of an iPad

Summary: The Big Blue Live speaker blew me away with its crystal sound, long battery life, and impressive range. Only one control on the device took me awhile to figure out, and I had to charge it prior to its first use. In the end though, I’m thoroughly impressed with it. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for the on the go audiophile in your life. 

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