A floral blazer can be deceiving. The in-your-face print give the illusion that it’s hard to pull off, but don’t be fooled. It’s still a blazer!

Winter if finally ending! Woo! Allergy season is starting! Boo! There are definitely pros and cons to winter being over, but we’ll happily take spring. For us, it just takes a little bit more preparation with our allergies. That’s why this week we thought we’d share an Arm & Hammer Simply Saline giveaway with you. We’re giving away THREE allergy and sinus kits. Why? Because we want to take care of you, readers. Read on for how to enter!

After reading a particularly interesting article in the New York Times this week about how one’s phone can impact health, I decided to write about this topic. Read on to learn about how lessening your screen time can have a positive impact on your real life relationships, and thereby make your heart healthier.

Healthy Falafel Burgers

Veggie burgers are my new favorite junk foods now that I’m on a plant-based diet. Falafel are one of my go-to snacks now, too. If you think I’m speaking a foreign language, I kind of am, but they’re nothing weird. They’re just chickpeas that are ground, formed into balls, and fried. Sounds good? It is. Anyway, I was in my mad-scientist mode last weekend and decided to try making falafel into burgers. I succeeded, and keep reading for the recipe!

hermes crocodile shirt, hermes expensive t-shirt

Just when you think spending $98 on yoga pants is bad, Hermes has to one-up the competition and make a $91,000 shirt.

Put away the plum and scarlet lip colors and say hello to shades like poppy and fuchsia! With spring officially here, it’s time to brighten up your makeup palette with some new lip color. Read on to see our favorite shades!

If there’s anything we love more than fashion, it’s technology.  A company called Graphique has managed to combine the two with TheCover for iPad. Not only will it protect your iPad from damage and act as a stand for typing and viewing, but it will make your iPad look beautiful while you use it! Keep reading for how to enter to win one of the TWO that we’re giving away this week!

lululemon recall, lululemon overprice, lululemon is stupid, why lululemon is ridiculous

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the news that Lululemon had to recall their yoga pants for being see through. My question is, why would anyone buy their yoga pants in the first place?


Since I can’t break out my Keds for kate spade new york or wear a pretty sundress because of the cold weather, I am preparing for spring in other ways. Read on to see what I’m doing to get my home ready for spring.

I’m currently watch shopping. I want to get one that may cost a little bit more than others, but will last a long time and can be passed on to my son (or daughter). Personally, I think one good, classically styled watch that matches basically anything can replace a whole drawer full of novelty watches that break after a year or two. Keep reading for some men’s and women’s watch picks!

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