The other day I was strolling the beauty aisles at a store near my house. I was wandering around looking at the different eyeliners, face washes and my favorite, nail polishes. Then something caught my eye–A giant nail polish display toting textured nail polishes.

I don’t know about you, but I am not sure I am sold on this trend. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy polishing my nails, and trying out the occasional design (hello, chevron). But I’m not quite sold on the idea of having textured nails. When I want to look at my nails, I still enjoy the smooth shiny shades I grew up with. I also enjoy a ton of glitter, but I think that is more of my personal preference. And if it’s pink glitter, I’m so there.  But having fuzzy, chunky, rough looking nails, I think I will pass for now.

The new product I saw is the Sally Hansen® Fuzzy Coat TM Special Effect Textured Nail Color. The nail polish is a 3D texture, supposedly inspired by fashion. It has the appearance of a cotton ball, or of sweater fibers put under a microscope. I have to admit, the product names inspired by the textile industry are petty clever. With names like Tight Knit, Wool Lite, All Yarned Up and Fuzz-Sea, I am able to get a laugh out of this. But I don’t know if I will be making the leap into fuzzifying my own nail.

After looking at the Sally Hansen ® Website, their other textured polish, the Sally Hansen® Sugar Coat TM Special Effect Textured Nail Color  did pique my interest. Especially the Cotton Candies color. But I can’t tell if the sugar coat is rough, or just has the appearance. I may have to try that one out he next time I am at the store.

But, as I said before give me pink and sparkles and you basically have my undivided attention.

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