I recently had my nails painted at a salon and was very disappointed when the next day I noticed that they were already starting to chip. Why pay all that money when it doesn’t even last, I thought to myself? I’ve gotten artificial nails before, but I began considering it gain after this mishap. My nails are in really ruff shape at the moment and I want something that is going to disguise them. But before I take any further steps, I wanted to make a pro and con list for getting artificial nails. I hear lots of rumors about how bad they are for your nails and health, so I want to make sure I’m making the right decision first. But which is better, gel or acrylic? Good thing I’m weighing the pros and cons of both!

The Pros of Acrylic:

-The removal process is easier than with gel nails

-They’re cheaper than getting gel nails

-They’re stronger than gel nails and typically last longer

The Cons of Acrylic:

-The process of applying acrylic nails involves harmful chemicals and fumes

-More more damaging to your nails than gel

-They can cause fungal or bacteria infections

-They don’t look as natural as gel nails

Pros of Gel Nails:

-They are glossier and more “real” looking

-Gel nails are safer and more environmentally friendly

-The application process is faster

Cons of Gel Nails:

-Gel nails require UV light, which is said to be hazardous to both your nails and skin

-They are not as long-lasting

-Gel nails are harder to remove compared to acrylic nails

After all this, I think I am going to go with the gel nail. What about you?








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