Credit to Debenhams

You probably wouldn’t ever see me wear this colossal bow on my head. Or any bow, for that matter. If there’s one outfit component I’m willing to skip out on, it’s usually hair accessories. But there’s something about the summer season that makes me want to bedazzle my hair a bit — in a way that’s glamorous and effortless for an everyday look.


YesStyle, $12.00

If a bow is bigger than the width of your head, perhaps it’s best to stay away. But if you want to add a subtle, feminine touch to your look, a simple bow is the perfect way to go — and it’s versatile. Wear a bow on the side of your hair, on a headband, or around your ponytail or bun to make a plain hairstyle become instantly fashionable.

Fedora Hats

Nordstrom, $32.00

For a day on the beach or a walk in the city, a fedora hat is a must. Not only does it add edge and style, but it also gives your hair a break from daily sun exposure. Plus, it’s a good way to conceal a messy hair day. And we all have those days…


Asos, $13.58

Headbands are useful little things. If you don’t have the time to style your hair, simply slip on a headband to make your loose waves, curls or sleek strands look more clean and tame. A headband can also add a touch of elegance to your look with bold colors, unique designs or textures.


Jewel Hair Brooches

Asos, $5.43

A simple jewel hair brooch can make all the diference. It creates an element of sophistication that instantly gives an outfit a classy appeal without being overbearing. Channel the inner royalty in you and adorn your hair with fancy embellishment. You’ll have people staring at your hair for all the right reasons.


Hair Clips and Ponytail Holders

Asos, $10.18

These accessories are an absolute necessity for any girl and any hairstyle. While hair clips may give you more room to make a fashion statement, ponytail holders are just as important– and chic. Because a ponytail in itself is a basic updo that any girl can rock.


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