Summer is the season to show it all off. Shorts, sundresses and miniskirts are abound this time of year. Don’t be held back by unwanted body hair. Nair TM has what you need to be your sleek and sexy self. We are giving away their Brazilian Spa Clay formula. Find out more about the product and how to enter below.

Get professional results at a fraction of the cost with Nair and their new Brazilian Spa Clay formula. It is inspired by luxurious treatments offered at Brazilian spas. The product is infused with moisturizing ingredients like mango butter, acai berry and mineral-rich clay. Mangoes are known for their antioxidant-rich nature and their natural moisturizing properties. The acai berry is a native rainforest fruit that is full of natural moisturizing elements. And the mineral-rich clay helps purify and detox he skin leaving it radiant and healthy looking.

These beauty-enhancing ingredients come together to create the Brazilian Spa Clay.

We have three Nair products for you to win.

Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care TM Body Trio: A three step system to remove and hair and let beauty shine from arms, under arms, legs and bikini areas. It works while you are in the shower.

Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care TM Face Trio: A dermatologist-tested sensitive formula to remove unwanted hair from your face to provide touchable smoothness.

Brazilian Spa Clay Face Wax Strips: Lasting up to eight weeks this is a Perfect Temp TM heat activated technology that is perfect for your face, eyebrows and even the bikini line.

Congrats, Deanac!

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  • mudrunnersmom

    I want to win this because frankly – after hitting the big M I am fuzzy. Can’t wax the face because I use retinols, can always use an at home sorta brazilion and Nair has such incredible products. they are a grooming saver.

  • girl

    I want to win this because shaving just does not cut it any more. Iget bumps and ingrown hairs. YUCK!!!

  • Susan LaDuke

    Need to shave legs daily to be “beach ready” which, living at the Jersey shore is a necessity. Recently lost 20 lbs and for the first time in over 10 yrs, am comfortable and confident enough with my body to wear shorts and a bathing suit. And, nicks, bumps and ingrown hairs just aren’t acceptable or attractive!

  • anja

    I have heard great things about Amazonian clay abilities to purify skin so I think that combined with Nair’s already great products this would give me great smooth for the rest of the summer.

  • lorraine

    I want to win this because I prefer the easy hair removal and I am certain it is easy and effective. I would show off my smooth legs in shorts

  • mudrunnersmom

    I forgot to write that I will be showing off my fuzz free face and bod wherever and whenever. I might even try a skirt for work

  • luci

    I will be showing off my hair free self at a couple weddings and traveling. I would love to win and try this because it would be great to not have to lug a razor around while traveling or worry about nasty stubbies while traveling

  • Susan

    This is just for me …. I’m not showing off my hair free self for anyone. I am 51, married and had my 3rd boy Noah 5 year’s ago. We moved from Florida to Pittsburgh in Nov. of 2012 .. after working full time I was suddenly thrown into being a stay at home Mom. Fast forward, I am now battling that “very scary” menopause weight gain & I am simply feeling very old, heavy and not pretty. I have also been “little” (size 4) and now I am a size 9 … Depressing!!! I just need a “pick me up” & I’ve never one anything so I am taking a leap of faith! Thank you

  • pat

    So – remember those things about 25-30 years ago that claimed to leave you hair and fuzz free for weeks by ripping your hair out at the roots? I had one, tried it and ended up in the hospital for a couple days because of it (the CIA should have used one of those instead of waterboarding at interrogations – ) I am for easy, pain free defuzzing any time and this sounds like the right product for that. I would show off by fab legs at the beach.

  • Jordan LaVeryne

    To look fantastic

  • linni

    I would like win these so I could have the opportunity to check out the whole range of products. Dipilatories are spendy and most don’t work so great. I would show off my sleek and smooth legs under a sundress at the farmers market.

  • Lisa

    I would like to try this product so that I can have beautiful glowing radiant skin


    I like to win these products because I am always klooking for a better, easier way to keep unwanted hair at bay, especially in the summer. I have a couple weddings and a reunion to go to later in the summer and it would be great to not have to worry about nicks and scrapes from shaving

  • Kathy

    I love Nair products. I live in Florida and hate having to shave every day!

  • starr_greenwell

    I really want to try the product for my face. Sounds amazing.

  • deanac

    I would like to win because it is infused with moisturizing ingredients which I need! I would show off my hair free self on the beach on Nantucket, MA! calvad at aol dot com

  • talia

    I would show off my hairless self at the state fair – set myself apart by being fuzzy free. I would love to win this because I would much rather do something other than shave daily or tweeze the upper lip every other day.

  • lazybones344

    I would show off my hairless self at a picnic and I’d love to try these products because they sound better than what I would normally be able to get.

  • sunny

    These look like great products and that is why I would love to win them and try them.
    I would show of my smooth legs on a canoing/camping trip. How great would it be to not have to worry about hair removal for a couple of days?!

  • Brittney House

    I’m sick of having to shave my legs everyday due to stubble. I would show them off at the beach.
    Brittney House [email protected]

  • joegersh

    my arms and show off at my reunion

  • ferriz

    i love original nair i am sure i would love this! ferriza2(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • starr_greenwell

    I would love to try it on my chinny chin chin.

  • susansmoaks

    i would love to win this and give it a try

  • Erica Carnes

    I’d love to try it…it would be great for me since I’m always outdoors.


  • Mihaela D.

    I want to win this because I am all up for the easy hair removal and I would show off my body at the beach :)

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    Would love to try this for wearing shorts and tank tops this summer!

  • openmind101

    I tend to be a bit hairier than your average bear lol! So I really need this, and I’d like to head to the beach afterword :) ty(dot)fondren87(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Atreau

    I would like to try it to see how it compares to shaving.

  • Andi Winters

    Congrats!, Deanac!

    You have been chosen to receive the Brazilian Spa Clay collection from Nair! I will be emailing you shortly!