If you haven’t noticed, brows are having their moment. And I love it.

I am a self-described eyebrow snob. I know, it is not something everyone has complete control over. But if you have over-plucked, ill formed or just off eyebrows, I can’t help it. I tend to judge. We all have our issues, that just happens to be one of mine.

I tend to think of this quote as a mantra.

I am a fan of the natural brow look. I think it’s fabulous. And have you seen it on top model hottie, Cara Delevingne? Girl can work a brow.

I know you cannot control everything. (Hello, like that time I had half of my eyebrow waxed off.)  So thankfully there are products out there to help you get your brows look better than ever.

One of my favorite products is Brow Zings from Benefit Cosmetics.

It is a micro-mini compact that has a mirror, pigmented wax, powder for your brows, a mini tweezers, an angled and a rounded brush.  (And instructions for use.)What I love most about this pint-sized wonder is that it gives my natural, lighter eyebrows a little color and a little bit more control. And one of the best things is, because of the staying power of wax, there is little room left for error when it comes to smudging your eyebrow color off. The angled brush makes applying the wax super easy. (I was instructed to use short quick motion when applying the wax to create the most natural look.) And the finishing powder seals it in place.

When you are finished you are left with beautiful, defines brows that won’t make any have a double take when they see you.

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