The brand all about natural beauty. Pixi, by Petra Strand, is a leading make up brand with its focus on the essential elements that make skin beautiful. As creator, Petra Strand has over 20 years of make up artist experience that led her to develop her own line of make up focusing on natural beauty. The subtle and colorful shades in the collection add just the right amount of color to the skin without overpowering the look.

We’re giving away three items from the “Fall Into Gorgeousness” Collection!


Perfection Palette

16 eye shades, 3 blushes, highlighter and bronzer – this palette offers a complete face look. The colors are subtle yet extremely flattering on any skin tone. Use for daytime or evening as these colors transition well from day to night. The color pay off is high and easily blend-able.





Crayon Combo Softly Smoky

Go for that smoky eye look or just a liner with this double-ended pencil. This crayon can be used on both the inner and outer rim of the eye, as it’s soft enough for both. Easily smudge out the pencil for a subtler look. This combo features a dark brown shade on one end and a lighter brown shade on the other.






Dual Sharpener

Especially made for the Crayon Combo, this eye sharpener is perfect for last minute emergencies. Sharpen the crayon effortlessly with the extremely sharp blades. This sharpener also comes with a built in, removable pick to make clean up a breeze.






Congrats, Roberta!

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  • eileen

    I want to fall into gorgeousness because I really embrace this season. I think it is the beautiful and actually the most flattering to my appearance as I look better in softer more subtle colors and this palette is perfect – every color I could possible want or need.

  • carole

    Pixi has such great cosmetics! These colors are so pretty and really remind me of the outdoors. I want to fall into gorgeousness because iit is time for me to replace my old makeup and these are really pretty and perfecty

  • Tess

    Yah! for fall colors. I want to fall into gorgeousness and PLAY with all the fun colors!!! Soft to smoky, day to night, all these colors look inspiring and fantastic for the season!!!

  • Roberta Mann

    I want to fall into gorgeousness because I’m working hard on improving my health and my life. I want the effort I’m exerting to shine through and I know a little help never hurts!

  • sandy

    I would love to fall into gorgeousness because I am due for an overhaul (style) and these colors would be a great way to start. I have bought some new clothes and accessories and am going for a softer more feminine look and these colors would be great.

  • Maria Melee

    Fall shades are my favorite shades when it comes to eye makeup. This is a seriously cute and convenient set.

  • lilac

    I want to fall into gorgeousness cause these colors are really really pretty and thee is enough variety tht I would bbe able to use it all the way through to spring

  • markathy

    I really want to change up my makeup routine and this would be perfect to get a headstart on it. Thanks [email protected]

  • talia

    I would love to fall into gorgeousness with this set because it is so pretty and having everything I need in 1 palette would simplify makeup time.

  • Andi Winters

    Congrats Roberta! Please email us at [email protected] with your address!

  • Roberta Mann

    Thank you Andi and Disqus! I’m SO excited! I just emailed you, please let me know if you need anything for fulfillment. :D <3