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We know eating healthy can at times be overwhelming. Especially with new super foods being found all the time, healthy and organic price tags and a general confusion over what is healthy. We have outlined 5 health foods, and their even healthier counterparts for you to enjoy!

Healthy: Oatmeal- A delicious whole grain and a nice go- to easy breakfast.

Healthier: Steel- Cut Oats- Also known as Irish oatmeal. Because these oats aren’t pressed out to be flat and have a lower Glycemic Index than traditional oats, they actually will prolong your fullness after eating them which means eating less overall!

Healthy: Green Juice- If you have trouble eating your vegetables to get all of the nutrients you need, drinking them can be a really great way without having to cook and prepare each of the veggies.

Healthier: Green Smoothie- While green juices are great for the vitamins and minerals, you’re missing out on some great fiber, which will really fill you up and can help lower cholesterol. Try our Apple, Avocado and Kale Green Smoothie for a nutritious and delicious sip.

Healthy: Whole Wheat Pasta- More filling and fibrous than it’s refined counterpart; this pasta is great for healthy carbs that won’t cause you to crash later.

Healthier: Spaghetti Squash- If you haven’t tried this yet, do it now. It’s a vegetable that you can still swirl around your fork and eat like pasta. That means fewer carbs, more vitamin and more minerals. It’s also quicker/ easier to cook than pasta (what?!). Poke the squash several times with a fork and pop it in the microwave for 12 minutes, then cut it in half and scrape out all that squashy goodness.

Healthy: Frozen Yogurt- Calcium, protein, and probiotics? I’ll take 5 of them. As much as I love froyo, one must be realistic about the toppings and potential for added sugar, as well as other additives.

Healthier: Banana Ice Cream- All natural sugars! And it’s easy to change up the flavor too (peanut butter anyone?).  Slice up some ripe bananas into medallions and freeze them; once frozen, blend them until creamy with whatever else you might want and enjoy! Get the easy recipe here!

Healthy: Potatoes- When these aren’t fried up into chips or fries, they can be a great source of potassium, fiber, vitamin C and vitamin B6. Plus they’re oh so satisfying.

Healthier: Sweet Potatoes- Hold the marshmallows and this veggie can be your waistline’s best friend! Sweet potatoes pack a huge punch of vitamin A, which is essential for your eye and skin health, along with copious amounts of other vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, the sweet taste may keep you from loading your potato up with butter, sour cream, and bacon bits and opt for cinnamon and greek yogurt instead.

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