Want that rock hard body but can’t make it to the gym? We’re giving away the success pack of a lifetime! ReFirm Weight Loss Success Pack comes with a full regimented program to have you feeling and looking great. The ReFirm plan includes morning and evening packets that aim to boost metabolism, control appetite, shrink fat cells, deliver vitamins and minerals, and much more. The package includes 2 bottles of 60 count pills and 30 daily sachets.

Increase your energy, finally fit in that form fitting dress, and use some of nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants to help you achieve your personal goals. You’re weightless plan could use a little help. Win ReFirm Weight Loss Pack and see the results.

How to enter:

Comment below and tell us why you’d like to receive the ReFirm Weight Loss Success Pack.

All entries are due by Friday December 6, 2013 at 11:59 p.m.

Good luck!

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  • acis

    I would to receive the ReFirm Weight Loss Success Pack because – I need to lose weight and seem to have tried most everything with little success. I like that this plan includes vitamin and antioxidents together with something to increase metabolism.
    I am hypothyroid and have slow metabolism so usually the only way I lose weight is by eating air for a couple months. Not healthy and a set up for failure so I would love to try this.
    DH also said he wants to go scuba diving in the early spring….those wetsuits only suck in so many rolls :(

  • tess

    Would love to win this!!! I battle hypothyroidism which means weight tends to stick around and be stubborn to get rid of. Would love the extra help!!!!!

  • lin

    This would be great. I admit it – I hate to exercise, hate to count calories. Everytime I try to diet I get sick, tired, cranky and whatever I lose comes right back. I love that this increases metabolism, and includes nutritional supplements.

  • Arsine Zuccari

    Being on a fixed income it is extremely difficult to purchase weight loss “trends” as much as it is to purchase the health foods we know we should eat. Wow, winning this Weight Loss Success Pack would not only help me physically but also emotionally as it has to give one that sense of self worth and confidence every woman should have. This would truly be a blessing at a time when all I see is despair. Thanks for a great offer and good luck to everyone.

  • Greg Inman

    i would like to receive a free refirm weight loss success pack because i have tried so many weight loss systems and i am hoping that this is the one that will work for me

  • Barbara

    I’m diabetic and have had the most difficult time losing weight. I would love to be able to exercise at home and actually lose the weight that has hung around for so long. This sounds wonderful.

  • Diane Niemann

    I am going to through menopause and have gained some noticeable weight and on a tight budget, any chances of winning would be helpful! Diane Niemann [email protected]

  • Stephanie

    hello i`m Stephanie, I read an article this am and it said `if you are extremely thirsty, going to the bathroom constantly and losing weight without trying….well this is me with diabetes and I’m hating it. i would love to be healthy and defeat diabetes. We all would love to win but it can only be one. God bless everyone on weight loss success!

  • Pamela

    I need this desperately after a gorgefest at Thanksgiving . . . and mostly the 2013 calendar year!

  • Michelle Rothfeldt

    I am in my 40′s and weigh 50lbs more than I ever have in my life. Although my weight disgusts me, I cannot afford supplements nor to go to the gym and my hypothyroid disease makes it difficult to lose weight. I am desperate to try SOMETHING!

  • Gayla Moore

    I would love to win this. I’ve struggled with my weight most of my adult life. I’m 53 now and would love to conquer this challenge once and for all. Please pick me!

  • lyn

    I am finally ready to give it my all. I ache ion all my joints, i hate my size and don’t have clothes that fir and the fixed income doesn’t allow for much in the way to change fighting weight loss. I want the weight gone and i don’t want the surgery to do it. so hypothyroid, arthritis, asthma, fibrimyalgia and other factors will just have to be set to the side and worked around…hope the depression and hold off so when the weight loss happens it can keep the depression back and all the others aches and pains down.

  • Barrie

    In my (ahem) mid-40′s, something suddenly, like ovenight, clicked and weight tends to hang around more…sigh. Working at it but sure could use some help…like this Refirm Weight Loss Pack! :)

    kymom13 at gmail dot com