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Dan, Editor

Dan is an avid pop culture follower, TV watcher, car enthusiast, and technology addict who is excited to be joining as the team’s male perspective. Dan is always on the hunt for the greatest deal that he can find. In his spare time, Dan reads the news, technology and automobile blogs, and pop culture websites to make sure his information is up to date. A self-proclaimed “news sponge,” Dan is excited to be sharing his insight with readers.

Andi, Editor

Andi is a Bravo-obsessed, pop culture addict, a magazine hoarder and a poodle lover. She cannot get through the day without reapplying her lip gloss, listening to NPR and having her daily caffeine fix.  She enjoys research and is excited to share what she finds with the Running with Mascara audience.

Meredith, Editor

Every year for Christmas Meredith’s grandmother would put a new sparkly compact mirror in her stocking, and was told to always carry it in her purse. Suffice to say, she has grown up making sure her lips were glossed and her eyebrows plucked (well most of the time).  She loves keeping up with the latest beauty trends. If she were stuck on a deserted island, she would be just fine with a margarita and a lifetime’s worth of People Style Watch magazines. She is excited to be your fashion and beauty guru on Running with Mascara.

Shalayne, Community Contributor

You want to know what’s on trend? Shalayne’s your girl. A youngster about to be a sophomore in college, she is excited to bring the youth perspective to the team. She loves tracking her favorite designers and every sale you can think of. Her email is chalk full of updates from fashion guru’s to make sure her style is at the peak of perfection each season. She is a gossip girl fashion fanatic and loves pretty much all of the TLC clothing shows (she vows to one day be on Say Yes to the Dress). Shalayne is excited to keep you all up to date with the fashion world and looks forward to your feedback.

Stephanie, Community Contributor

Stephanie is a lover of food, fashion and fitness. A learner herself, she hopes to bring readers tips, advice and fashion finds that will bring a greater sense of self-confidence and womanhood. A firm believer in bargain shopping, Stephanie still enjoys creating wish-lists of extravagant clothes and accessories from time to time. In her free time, she enjoys watching old films, finding talented undiscovered artists and documenting her life through blogs and photographs.

Katherine, Community Contributor

When she’s not reading and writing, Katherine loves to spend her spare time creatively. Dancing, drawing, scrapbooking and making cake pops are just a few of her favorite activities during the summer. Curious and active, Katherine keeps up with recent events in the world on the radio and events in the fashion world through her favorite blogs. Katherine’s aim this summer is to discover fabulous fashions, great deals and learn the best makeup tips to share with her readers.

Morgan, Community Contributor

Morgan loves all things beauty and fashion related. She’s an avid fashion magazine reader and is always on the hunt for new products and fashion trends to try out. Morgan loves shopping and is the first to admit that she has a serious problem. She goes to Target at least twice a week and is never caught leaving the store without something in tow.

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