Hi all! It’s Emilie again, back with more products reviews that take the guesswork out of what you should buy to look and feel great as we move from Winter to Spring. Reviews, photos and my not-so-humble opinions: after the jump!

It’s no secret- everyone loves a deal. I am sure even some of the fashionistas seated at Fashion Week (Beyonce and Alexa Chung among them) were frantically rushing about to get their hands on some of those coveted Missoni for Target items, whether they came in the form of a bicycle, a floppy hat or a signature printed jumpsuit. When they aren’t looking for designer steals, though, they are seated at some of the most glorious designer fashion walks to take place this season. Keep reading for what trends were seen for Spring 2012 and what designers thought outside the box!

We’ve finally come to the finale and I’m so excited to tell you all about how it all went down.  The episode began with the girls talking about how excited they were to be in the final two and talking a bit more about their lives.  After that, the girls had to each individually speak with Ivan Bart, the Sr. Vice President of IMG Models.

Ivan loved Molly’s photos and said that while she looked like a normal pretty girl in person, she really transformed in photos.  Ivan loved Brittani’s attitude and said she had a beautiful face.

This week’s episode was chock full of challenges and photo shoots, so I’ll try to cram all the “need to know” information into this post!  The episode started with Mr. Jay showing up at the model home and revealing that the girls would be doing a 90-second live shot where they would talk about a Moroccan fashion or beauty trend.  The winner’s video would be put up on TheInsider.com!

We’re down to the final four! How exciting!  This week, the episode started with the girls sitting down with Ms. Jay and Franca Sozzani, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia.  Franca asked them some questions about themselves and gave them some advice, too.

Sorry for the lack of a recap last week folks, but last week’s episode was a hokey “behind the scenes” episode, and it wasn’t really worth talking about.  This week, however, there is much to discuss!  The episode started with all our favorite models arriving in Morocco! Everyone was awestruck and excited, and they were greeted by the Jays (along with some monkeys and snakes)!   How very Moroccan…

The episode started with Tyra showing up and teaching the girls about how to put together their portfolios.  Then, hidden in their portfolios, were some letters. Tyra revealed that once the girls put the letters together, they would find out what foreign country they’d be headed to! And the letters spelled out….M-O-R-O-C-C-O!

This week, when the girls headed home, their house was full of Warriors in Pink merchandise (from the Susan B. Komen Foundation). The next morning, the girls were sent to a modeling challenge.  The always gorgeous Nigel was waiting at a studio for them and told them that they would be doing a shoot for Warriors in Pink.  Each girl had to embody a symbol (i.e. an angel, a tree, etc.) and the winner would appear in a Warrior in Pink print ad.

When the girls returned home after elimination, they were greeted by Tyra herself!  She was there to give the girls a lesson about their “fashion archetypes.”  She went around telling each girl whether they were all-American, athletic, androgynous, sexy, a girl next door, couture, edgy…you get the idea. She then taught the girls how to sign their autographs (ego trip much?) and then they chatted about needing thick skin when you’re in the fashion industry.

Yesterday’s episode started with a Covergirl challenge! The girls were divided into three teams of three and they had to each represent one Covergirl look. They then had to make videos for Covergirl.com!  Alexandria, Molly, and Monique were together and had to represent a daytime/casual look.  Kasia, Brittani, and Mikaela had to represent a red carpet/evening look, and Hannah, Dalya, and Jaclyn had to do bold/colorful eyes.

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