Attention everyone, I think I’ve finally found a pair of rain boots worthy of a permanent place in my closet and here’s why you need them too.

Adding shoes to my collection is an expensive hobby sometimes, because I love the look of real leather for fall. Recently though, I’ve found ways to give my shoes a unique look – simply by switching the laces. Click through to see what I mean!

The classic, leather riding boot is what prevents me from becoming totally depressed once fall comes. I look forward to wearing mine every year. It’s a beautiful shoe no doubts about it and you can’t beat that new leather smell of a fresh pair. Here are my favorites for this season.

With fall only a few short weeks away, I am starting to get excited to wear some of my favorite pieces from my fall wardrobe. Keep reading to learn what I’m excited to wear in September, and tell me what you like about the cooler temperatures!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (after the holidays of course) where stores are having end of summer sales and preview sales on their new fall merchandise. With fall on the horizon, I’m starting to plan my fall wardrobe and my personal favorite part of any outfit is the shoes. Being on a budget, I plan on taking full advantage of all the sales when it comes to getting some new booties.

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