Need a little Christmas inspiration? Look no further! We have everything you need from gifts, to appetizers and even nail art to make your season merry and bright.

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avocado face mask


I love avocados. I have mastered my guacamole recipe. Every sandwich that I make has avocado on it. When I was researching homemade face masks and saw the many skin benefits of avocado masks, I knew I had to try it.

My hair had been golden blond my whole life. So you can imagine my distress when, last year, it started to turn brown. I began to try many natural remedies to get my blond back. I spent hours in the sun, used products that promised to lighten blond hair, and even stared at pictures of the glory days of being a blond, hoping that I could perhaps will my lighter color back.

I have come to notice that most women seem to be mystified by the smoky eye. Those who know how to do them most often don’t realize that they re pretty versatile. Once you get the color shading down you can pretty much make a smoky eye out of any color scheme. Here is a natural brown smoky eye tutorial. 

It’s happened to all of us. Relax your vigilance for just a moment when holding your morning cup of coffee, or a careless spoonful of tomato basil soup at lunch and BAM. Instant, obvious and seemingly irreversible stain. Stains are especially nerve wracking in the summer when we’re all wearing whites and pastels. The most prepared woman will whip a Tide Stick out of her purse, but for the rest of us the situation seems hopeless. But don’t despair! A lot of common household products can remove stubborn stains, new and old, from your favorite fabrics.

I’ve always loved nail polish, but I’ve always been a little hesitant to branch beyond just strictly changing my nail polish color to more exciting things like polka dots and painted tips. I mean, I’ve finally just mastered painting my right hand with my left hand and that alone was an accomplishment for me. But, I follow a few nail art related accounts on Instagram and it’s clear that simply painted nails aren’t cutting it anymore. So, I’ve made it my goal to branch out this summer and give into the current nail trends. What exactly are the nail trends for summer you may be asking? Check them out below!

Spring often means out with the old and in with the new, but it’s also important to appreciate what we have and change our consumption for the goal of a better and healthier globe. Read on to see our favorite fashions, crafts, and DIY guides that help us reduce and reuse our favorite buys.

spring centerpiece ideas

My favorite part of spring is seeing plants come back to life. I get giddy when the leaves start appearing on trees and my grass turns green again. On the days I’m stuck inside, I like to bring a bit of flora with me by arranging a bright centerpiece on my table.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest


You know how wall art can often cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars? And even then it’s really difficult to find something that matches your space?  Try your hand at a DIY art project — we promise that you don’t need to be a world-class painter. Read on to see our favorite easy DIY wall art ideas.

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