Since I was sorely disappointed in the costumes for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and thought that last year’s was SO much better, I am going to write about fringe today. I’ve been inspired lately to add some more fringe to my wardrobe, so keep reading to see the pieces I’ve been eying!

One of fall’s hottest color trends, we simply can’t get enough of this combination. Keep reading to learn more about how to incorporate it into your wardrobe and look!

So ladies, remember when I told you that green, especially the emerald variety, was going to be huge this fall? (Click here if you need a refresher).  Click here to learn more about the stunning way I’ve found to incorporate it into my fall routine.

Attention everyone, I think I’ve finally found a pair of rain boots worthy of a permanent place in my closet and here’s why you need them too.

It’s easy to throw on a sundress and sandals in the summer, but it can be a bit tricky to incorporate dresses into your fall wardrobe. Here are some our favorites that you can wear all autumn long.

The classic, leather riding boot is what prevents me from becoming totally depressed once fall comes. I look forward to wearing mine every year. It’s a beautiful shoe no doubts about it and you can’t beat that new leather smell of a fresh pair. Here are my favorites for this season.

As of late, I’ve become even more interested in cocktail rings. Keep reading to see some of the ones I’m eying for this fall.

When many of my favorite shoe brands like Sam Edelman and BCBG started introducing a shoe so interesting called the “smoking slipper,” I knew I had to investigate and get my hands on some for fall. Keep reading to see how to wear a smoking slipper, and see my top 3 favorite pairs!

Being a “plain Jane” is a thing of last season, and we’re here to tell you about all the colorful and interesting flats that are making us do a double take this fall — in a good way! Keep reading to see the flats that we’re eyeing and make sure to snag yourself a pair like them!

With fall only a few short weeks away, I am starting to get excited to wear some of my favorite pieces from my fall wardrobe. Keep reading to learn what I’m excited to wear in September, and tell me what you like about the cooler temperatures!

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