This upcoming fall season we may bare a little more skin than we’re used to. Continuing with summer’s crop-top craze, fall foot fashion calls for booties with tasteful cutouts. But what toenail polish to pair with your fashion-forward peep-toe boots? For a professional look, it’s always better to go with something in the nude family for toes. Check out this list of the best muted toenail polishes form Essie and Sinfulcolors!

When you hear “80s workout routine” what comes to mind first? Is it the leotards? The legwarmers? The pastels and shag haircuts? Admit it, you’re thinking of Jane Fonda, right? But she wasn’t the only one to hit it big during the Golden Age of the aerobic workout video. Some of the decade’s brightest stars made workout videos, whether they rose from the industry or not.

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You probably wouldn’t ever see me wear this colossal bow on my head. Or any bow, for that matter. If there’s one outfit component I’m willing to skip out on, it’s usually hair accessories. But there’s something about the summer season that makes me want to bedazzle my hair a bit — in a way that’s glamorous and effortless for an everyday look.

If you’re in need of a new pair of glasses, but don’t want to spend a fortune on designer frames — listen up. The second I heard about this company I knew I had to try out their product and then, naturally, share my thoughts with all of you.

I first heard about Warby Parker in a magazine last winter and my desire to try out a pair of their glasses amplified when both my mom and sister bought a pair of their frames. I had to wait, impatiently, for about 5 months before I could order my own pair because I needed a new prescription. My yearly eye appointment is in June, hence the waiting part. I got my pair, called Fitz, in the mail last week and let’s just say the mailman was just a little taken aback by my level of excitement.

So sometimes I’m a boring person. Not all the time! Not even most of the time. Just… sometimes. And when I wake up in the morning and can just totally tell it is going to be one of those boring days I don’t put much effort into my appearance (which is actually fine; ladies we don’t need to be perfectly made-up dolls everyday).

In the event of a Boring Day I will put on my Boring Day uniform: typically a pair of jeans and a tank top. I pass right by my bag of beauty supplies (not putting in the time today, thanks) and my jewelry stand (nope, not in the mood to fiddle with tiny hooks and latches) and all my best summer accessories on my way out the door. But wait! Right before I leave I see on a hook right beside the door: a scarf! A light, breezy, colorful summer scarf that is going to save me from the Boring Day Uniform. So here’s the challenge readers mine: one girl, one outfit, one accessory. How many different looks can you get out of this formula? Way more than I thought, for one! Read on for all the ways to wear your favorite scarf this summer.

Get into the swing of summer with the Pelcor® Sunshine Tote Bag.  Made of natural cork skin and cotton canvas, this neutral tote can carry everything you need. Keep reading for more information and how to enter to win!

Get into the swing of summer with the Pelcor® Sunshine Tote Bag.  Made of natural cork skin and cotton canvas, this neutral tote can carry everything you need. Keep reading for more information and how to enter to win!


The maxi, hi-lo hem and peplum dresses may come and go with the seasons, but the dress that I believe will endure forever as the most flattering to the feminine figure is the A-Line. The A-Line Dress is just what it sounds like. Also known as the fit and flare, the A-Line is fitted through the chest and torso and flares out from the waist. I love wearing this fun and flirty style in the summer and even better on a budget! Check out these classy A-Lines all under $45!


Ever get frustrated when the summer humidity turns your hair into a fluffy mess and you just can’t seem to find a good clip to hold it all in place? I may have found a solution. 

I’ve always loved nail polish, but I’ve always been a little hesitant to branch beyond just strictly changing my nail polish color to more exciting things like polka dots and painted tips. I mean, I’ve finally just mastered painting my right hand with my left hand and that alone was an accomplishment for me. But, I follow a few nail art related accounts on Instagram and it’s clear that simply painted nails aren’t cutting it anymore. So, I’ve made it my goal to branch out this summer and give into the current nail trends. What exactly are the nail trends for summer you may be asking? Check them out below!

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