Think about it, we put so much hair spray, heat spray, frizz tamers and everything else in our hair to make us look fabulous. But have you ever thought that those products over time may be making your hair look limp and lifeless?

Just like you exfoliate your body to remove dead skin cells, you should be “exfoliating” and cleaning your hair. To help you with that we have a simple DIY Hair Detox to try about once a month to keep your locks looking lush for about $3 or less.

Find out how to detox your hair here!

My hair had been golden blond my whole life. So you can imagine my distress when, last year, it started to turn brown. I began to try many natural remedies to get my blond back. I spent hours in the sun, used products that promised to lighten blond hair, and even stared at pictures of the glory days of being a blond, hoping that I could perhaps will my lighter color back.

Ladies, out of the many things we should take pride in, one of utmost importance is our beautiful tresses. Whether short or long, straight or curly, thick or thin, there are a few guidelines to follow in order to take care of our hair.

The hair gods have answered my prayers. I’ve found a live-in conditioner that actually works. Unlike other products I’ve used, I can see a difference in my hair when I don’t use this product. It’s the TRESemmé Leave-in Conditioning Spray from their Split Remedy line and it’s amazing.

Credit to Debenhams

You probably wouldn’t ever see me wear this colossal bow on my head. Or any bow, for that matter. If there’s one outfit component I’m willing to skip out on, it’s usually hair accessories. But there’s something about the summer season that makes me want to bedazzle my hair a bit — in a way that’s glamorous and effortless for an everyday look.


Ever get frustrated when the summer humidity turns your hair into a fluffy mess and you just can’t seem to find a good clip to hold it all in place? I may have found a solution. 

The 2013 Billboard Music Awards featured an all grown-up Taylor Swift in a gorgeous vibrant blue dress from designer Zuhair Murad’s Pre-Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection. 

In shopping for some new spring wardrobe pieces, I have absolutely fallen in love with the unique headbands I’m seeing. Read on to learn about my favorite ones and allow me to convince you that you can sport them regardless of your face shape and hairstyle!

Happy (almost) spring! Have you ever wondered why it’s called spring? They really should call it beach body prep season.

Even though we were generally underwhelmed with the fashion choices and beauty looks of this year’s Oscars attendees, there were a few standout beauties that snatched the gold. Read on to see our favorite looks from the 85th Academy Awards ceremony and after parties.

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