Simple gold rings via Etsy

Just when you thought that chunky arm parties and strands of necklaces were having a moment, we’re here to tell you that the simpler the jewelry, the better this summer. Read on to hear about our favorite pieces and how you can style your necklaces and bracelets on trend for summer.

I’m currently watch shopping. I want to get one that may cost a little bit more than others, but will last a long time and can be passed on to my son (or daughter). Personally, I think one good, classically styled watch that matches basically anything can replace a whole drawer full of novelty watches that break after a year or two. Keep reading for some men’s and women’s watch picks!

I used to think of stud earrings as that plain gold pair I sported for 6 months after I got my ears pierced, but designers everywhere have been proving that there are many more interesting ways to wear understated earrings. Keep reading to see some of my favorite stud earrings that I plan to buy this year.

As of late, I’ve become even more interested in cocktail rings. Keep reading to see some of the ones I’m eying for this fall.

You’re never to old to wear your initials, just ditch the tacky rhinestone necklace you wore in fourth grade. There are several more sophisticated and elegant options out there to show off your letters in style.

It’s a challenge for most women out there, balancing work and social lives. Who doesn’t want to meet up with their friends and hang out after work? A lot of times, it’s tough to take a business-y outfit to a fun level and make it appropriate for a bar scene, but we have the secrets to making it work for you!

What mother doesn’t love knowing she’s loved on Mother’s Day, or everyday for that matter?
The date is fast approaching (May 13th), and we have a terrific prize that your mom will cherish (and wear) forever! More after the jump…

Image Courtesy of Muppets Holding Company, LLC

Who was the big winner (of a Mirrorball trophy) on Dancing with the Stars? Should you see the new Muppet movie this weekend? Keep reading for fashion and beauty inspiration from the dancers on DWTS and the Muppets themselves; they even have an OPI nail polish line!

Last night, television had an all star schedule with the new Two and a Half Men, the Charlie Sheen Roast, and Dancing with the Stars. Keep reading to get our review of the shows, and learn how you can incorporate the sparkles and glam seen on DWTS into your own fall wardrobe!

They came, they saw, they stunned. Red ruled on the red carpet, from gorgeous dresses on Hollywood royalty like Kate Winslet to TV newbies like The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev. Keep reading to find out who wore what, who won, and who disappointed the fashion world on EMMY night!

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