This blog post includes two of my favorite things: summer steals and shoes. There’s no greater feeling than saving money and scavenging new fashion finds to adorn your feet. Say goodbye to rain boots, and give a warm welcome to summer flats, sandals and wedges.

It’s a challenge for most women out there, balancing work and social lives. Who doesn’t want to meet up with their friends and hang out after work? A lot of times, it’s tough to take a business-y outfit to a fun level and make it appropriate for a bar scene, but we have the secrets to making it work for you!

My favorite time of year is when I can shove all my boots in their boxes and banish them to the basement for the summer. Finally sandal season is here and my pedicure can see the sunlight! With so many styles to choose from it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are 3 styles that I always stick to because they won’t go out of style and I can wear them with anything.

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