This blog post includes two of my favorite things: summer steals and shoes. There’s no greater feeling than saving money and scavenging new fashion finds to adorn your feet. Say goodbye to rain boots, and give a warm welcome to summer flats, sandals and wedges.

Flats are a chic alternative to pumps, especially in the workplace. Light flats are perfect for all of those summer occasions when you cannot wear open-toe shoes but you want to keep it simple. Read on to see the pairs of flats I’m most definitely lusting after this summer season.

Ugg boots are one of the most offensive footwear choices imaginable. They may keep your feet warm, but at what cost? Wear them and you risk looking like an out-of-place astronaut.

It seems as if I’ve always got shopping on the brain. It really is a miracle that I don’t spend my entire paychecks on shopping sprees.

colored oxford shoes, colored oxfords for women, cole haan oxfords

I can’t take the credit for this one. It was actually Jen who first brought this trend to my attention. (These Cole Haan oxfords are at the top of her spring wish list.)

studs, studded flats

Anything and everything is studded for fall-shoes included. Spruce up your footwear with these edgy flats.

Whether you need cute flats, snow boots, or even leather boots, we have the advice you need on how to look great in these colder months. Keep reading to links for all of our best guides!

Attention everyone, I think I’ve finally found a pair of rain boots worthy of a permanent place in my closet and here’s why you need them too.

Adding shoes to my collection is an expensive hobby sometimes, because I love the look of real leather for fall. Recently though, I’ve found ways to give my shoes a unique look – simply by switching the laces. Click through to see what I mean!

The classic, leather riding boot is what prevents me from becoming totally depressed once fall comes. I look forward to wearing mine every year. It’s a beautiful shoe no doubts about it and you can’t beat that new leather smell of a fresh pair. Here are my favorites for this season.

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