I never imagined myself to take on the sport of running. With two brothers at home, my interests revolved around basketball, and yes, WWE Wrestling. But as I started high school, my parents encouraged me to let go of my WNBA dreams and give running a shot. In retrospect, I’m glad I did. Cause let’s be real, I’m no Lisa Leslie.

Sorry sports, but if you’re not made of fabric or leather and can’t be worn on my feet then I really don’t care about you. I get more excited about New York Fashion Week than I do the Super Bowl. Here are 6 things that are way more entertaining than watching a football game.

Leave the oversize jerseys to the guys, sorry girls but you never looked cute in them anyway. And with several stores now carrying NFL and college gear designed with women in mind, there’s no need to. When game day comes were going to be the most stylish ones at the stadium.

I might not be a world class athlete, but I’m pretty sure I would medal if there were such a thing as the style Olympics. If there were a best footwear event, these gold, silver and bronze shoes would all best winning choices.

Did you know that running incorrectly can cause injuries, and reduce the good effects coming from your exercise? Keep reading to see all the tips and tricks for running correctly, and we promise it’ll help you optimize your workout.

Women are taking over the NFL! No, not in shoulder pads, but in chic fan apparel. According to Women’s Wear Daily, the NFL is launching a print campaign called “It’s My Team” that will debut in August issues of fashion and lifestyle magazines. The ads feature prominent women such as Melania Trump and Condoleezza Rice wearing their favorite team’s clothes along with their Birkin bags and Louboutin  heels.

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