Kate Spade for Keds is a fabulous new line of retro-preppy tennies for Spring, and we feel like we need to get our hands on every single pair. While that’s unlikely to happen, keep reading to hear the details of this super cute line of shoes, see the close-up shots, and learn when/where you can get your very own!

It’s a challenge for most women out there, balancing work and social lives. Who doesn’t want to meet up with their friends and hang out after work? A lot of times, it’s tough to take a business-y outfit to a fun level and make it appropriate for a bar scene, but we have the secrets to making it work for you!

Street style blogs have surged in popularity in recent years. Bill Cunningham of The New York Times and Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist were the original pioneers of this type of photography, but now just about anyone with a camera can be a street style photographer.

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