I don’t know how else to describe what I experienced recently when I attempted the oft sworn-by de-stressing technique known as floating. No, I’m not talking about putting on water wings and drifting around my local gym’s pool. This is a (supposedly) much more relaxing alternative to meditation. Keep reading for exactly what happened when I stepped into the isolation chamber and if I’d recommend it!

Well, that picture about sums it up. Mrs. Doubtfire. Kim Doubtfire. Kanye might get away with wearing skirts left and right, but you’ll never get away with wearing the slipcover from Roseanne’s couch, Kim. Every time I think I’ve successfully left the realm of fashion (something I really have little place writing about in the first place), I get sucked back in by these monstrous creations.

lululemon recall, lululemon overprice, lululemon is stupid, why lululemon is ridiculous

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the news that Lululemon had to recall their yoga pants for being see through. My question is, why would anyone buy their yoga pants in the first place?

Usually, Jen and Allison will start their day by reading some posts from other bloggers. I do not. However, today they pointed me to a post on Cupcakes and Cashmere. Why would you want to eat cupcakes while wearing cashmere? You’ll just spill on it and ruin it. Anyway, the blogger, Emily Schuman, does a lot of DIY crafts and recipes on there. Whatever, fine, get down with your Martha Stewart self. Anyway, today she decided to rip up $100 shirt from J. Crew and call it “distressing.” Dear God. DEAR. GOD. Keep reading for my full rant. 

cartoon man is sick

I like to pull the “as the only male editor” card once in awhile, and this is one of those times. Though most of the time I like to write about tech and my love of cooking, I definitely do have strong opinions when it comes to things like fashion and celebrities. Part of my job is doing research on what to write about, and something horrifying has continued to pop up throughout my research. Demi Moore.

Thankfully, I don’t seem to be the only one who thinks this walking disaster needs to step back, re-examine her life, and make a course shift. For the sake of everything that is holy, I hope she decides to act like a normal person soon. It’s part of my job to research celebrities, and I’d like her mini-skirt-wearing, whip-it inhaling,  too-old for everything she does mug off of my computer screen. Please and thank you. 

lindsay lohan arrest

Oh LiLo you’ve done it again. It must have been a slow news week, because the headlines have been dominated by her most recent arrest. In case you missed it, she slapped a woman outside of a nightclub in NYC. Let’s take a look back on her troubled career shall we?

a Man Meditating In the field

Since I haven’t really had the opportunity to introduce myself, I thought I’d take this chance to do so. I’m Dan. This post will let you know a little bit about me in some of my most embarrassing incidents. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes. Hell, hopefully can learn from my mistakes.  As the only male editor here, you won’t find me writing about nail polish, shoe trends, or fashion faux pas (I’m sure I’ve committed enough to be imprisoned by now). I have to adapt. So, let’s get to my stupidity.

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