What is your go-to favorite beauty product. You know the one, the one where it’s always in your makeup bag, and you would be devastated if it was ever discontinued.

healthy food alternatives

We know eating healthy can at times be overwhelming. Especially with new super foods being found all the time, healthy and organic price tags and a general confusion over what is healthy. We have outlined 5 health foods, and their even healthier counterparts for you to enjoy!

When you hear “80s workout routine” what comes to mind first? Is it the leotards? The legwarmers? The pastels and shag haircuts? Admit it, you’re thinking of Jane Fonda, right? But she wasn’t the only one to hit it big during the Golden Age of the aerobic workout video. Some of the decade’s brightest stars made workout videos, whether they rose from the industry or not.

I will readily identify as one of the makeup challenged. It’s sad, but true fact. So, when I find something I like and can figure out how to use it without looking like a clown, I stick to it like a really needy girlfriend. I wear my eyeliner stick down to a stub, use my mascara tubes until they’re empty and apply my eye shadow until I’m scraping the edge of the container to get the last scraps of powder. My intentions are both loyal and frugal, but I do realize that I am using my products past their expiration dates. Luckily I have found some tried and true methods for keeping my makeup kit in tip top shape so that I can get the most bang for my buck. Want to know my secrets? keep reading to find out more.

Ayres Midnight Tango Bar Soap

We may not all be able to take a dip south of the border for an evening in the sultry heat of Buenos Aires, but everyone can get a taste of those Latin nights with Ayres body care products!

Ayres Beauty (pronounced like the “Aires” of “Buenos Aires,” not “Eye-REZ” as I’m embarrassed to admit I thought for a whole week) is a recently launched aromatherapy product company. After trying out Ayres’ bar soaps and body butter for the weekend, I found they added quite an Argentine spice to my night! These are a definite yes from me, and you should try them out too. 

The idea of putting honey on my face as a mask was actually terrifying to me. I didn’t see how slapping on a sticky condiment could make my skin clearer or more moisturized. It turns out, this substance made for one of the most moisturizing face masks I’ve ever used.

Summer is the season to show it all off. Shorts, sundresses and miniskirts are abound this time of year. Don’t be held back by unwanted body hair. Nair TM has what you need to be your sleek and sexy self. We are giving away their Brazilian Spa Clay formula. Find out more about the product and how to enter below.

The hair gods have answered my prayers. I’ve found a live-in conditioner that actually works. Unlike other products I’ve used, I can see a difference in my hair when I don’t use this product. It’s the TRESemmé Leave-in Conditioning Spray from their Split Remedy line and it’s amazing.


Last week I treated myself to a mani/pedi. And boy, did I need it. Needless to say my unpolished nails and rough heels were starting to become an issue. When I got to the salon I went directly to the wall of nail polish colors. After choosing a pink shade of polish, my nail technician told me about a new product that should try, the CND Vinylux Polish System. I was intrigued. So I gave it a try.

Ring Ring. It’s your new phone calling. That’s right, this week we are giving away Droid RAZR M by Motorola from Verizon Wireless. This punchy pink smartphone is easy to carry, can handle your tech needs and can be all yours. Find out how!

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