I’m going to a wedding this weekend, and it’s a great time to reminisce about my wedding (manicure, hair, and everything else…) and think of the great outfit I plan to wear to this one. Read on to learn the fundamental rules for dressing for a wedding that’s not yours – you don’t want to be the one with the unforgettable wardrobe gaffe!

It’s not very often that the pop culture-obsessed get completely knocked off their feet, but alas, that has happened to me this morning. Keep reading for the shocking news that America woke up to, and give your blessing to this lucky pair.

Mercury glass is a hot commodity these days, but that also means that it’s very expensive. Imitation mercury glass can be purchased at the likes of Pottery Barn, but prices are often sky high, and impractical for decorating your home or event. We have a trick that you can use to turn plain glass vases into Mercury glass-looking specialties. Keep reading to learn how to do this awesome DIY, and our tips for decorating!

Can you believe it’s been a whole year since the black and white-themed $10M hoopla with 3 Vera Wang dresses for the bride and 5 other gowns for her sibs and mom? This day made us question, Is Vera Wang Overrated seeing as how over $100,000 worth of dresses couldn’t even help it last 3 months? And, if you’re cake is legitimately taller than your basketball player hubby, how do you cut it? And, why hasn’t Kris been able to prove yet that it was all a scam for more dinero? Keep reading to hear even more of our crazy thoughts concerning this lavish affair.

As you know, I celebrated my wedding last weekend, which involved a lot of major decisions such as beauty projects and nail colors and even food. Keep reading to learn more about the one requirement I had for my bridesmaids’ hair on the big day!

Good afternoon, my lovely Running with Mascara Readers. Today, I really need your fashion advice. I’m in a wedding in June and the only dress requirement is that I wear purple. Keep reading to see my options and help me decide which one to choose!

Around this time last year, I remember the hype that started with the new arrival of no-chip manicures in nail salons in suburban Chicago. Everyone had to try one and see for themselves… could a manicure really last three weeks? Keep reading to hear about my experiences with the no-chip manicure, and decide for yourself if it’s worth it.

It’s Prom season, and I can’t help but feel nostalgic about my prom and hearing the stories of other Proms well before my time. See that picture up there? Our graphic designer photoshopped all of the people in our office into one great Prom portrait that spans from the early 90s to now. Keep reading to hear more about our favorite Prom moments and the dresses that will surely make a statement at this year’s Prom!

Photo credit: Donna Morgan for Nordstrom

Strapless clothing can be very flattering if it fits correctly, and it works well for casual and special occasions for the spring and summer months. Whether you’re planning to sport a cocktail dress, swimsuit, tube top, or wedding gown, there are a couple of easy workout secrets so that you avoid some common fitting issues when wearing a strapless top. Keep reading to see my top tips for looking top notch in strapless this year.

Credit: CW

Vera Wang is regularly seen as the go-to bridal gown designer for the stars, and anyone else who can afford the label. Kim Kardashian famously wore 3 different custom Vera Wang creations in her wedding to Kris Humphries, while her 4 sisters each wore a custom bridal gown. The episode of Gossip Girl that features Blair’s wedding airs January 30th, and the WB has already released photos of the bridal party and Blair in various Vera Wang ensembles. It’s a big name, but is it really deserving? Keep reading to learn more about this iconic brand, and how you can shop Vera Wang for less.

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